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In Chapter 4 of “Embrace The Sun”, Marc and Bill (the authors of “ Embrace The Sun”) go into details about the most known and officially recognised symptom of Vitamin D deficiency (i.e. sunlight deficiency), rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and other bone diseases.

Here is a summary of the takeaways from in Chapter 4 in “Embrace the Sun”

  1. Osteoporosis-related fractures are generally least common in populations with higher sun exposure and are most common in populations with lower sun exposure.
  2. Sunlight exposure has the ability to build bone mass and profoundly reduce the rate of fractures. In other words, sun exposure can reverse osteoporosis.
  3. Sun exposure stimulates the production of vitamin D, absolutely necessary for the absorption of calcium in the intestine. Without it, no amount of calcium consumption will halt osteoporosis and subsequent fractures.
  4. Women who seek the sun in Spain have less than 10% the risk of a fracture compared to those who spend most of their time indoors.
  5. UVB exposure from sunbeds impressively increases 25(0H)D levels and bone strength.
  6. Calcium supplements (when the diet is not calcium-deficient) may increase the risk of heart attacks. It is far better to obtain calcium from lots of green, leafy vegetables (grown on calcium-rich soil), and then get plenty of sun (or sunlamp if necessary) exposure.
  7. Osteomalacia (soft bones) is common in women who seldom go outdoors, or who are nearly always fully covered with clothing, even when they live in geographic areas of high sunlight availability.
  8. Sun exposure inhibits the progression of various types of arthritis and decreases the loss of joint cartilage. 9. Rickets, a totally preventable disease, is making a comeback due to sun deprivation.
  9. Gastric bypass for obesity results in bone loss, and sun (or sunlamp) exposure may be the only way for bypass patients to receive sufficient vitamin D to maintain bone strength.


In Chapter 4, Marc and Bill (the authors of “ Embrace The Sun”) go into details about the most known and officially recognised symptom of Vitamin D deficiency (i.e. sunlight deficiency), rickets, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and other bone diseases.

Citing a research report with the exciting title “Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Predictors in a Country with Thirteen Months of Sunshine”, stating …

“Behaviour change communication to enhance exposure to ultraviolet light is critical to prevent vitamin D deficiency in tropical country like Ethiopia. Further study is required to assess the deleterious effect of its deficiency on bone mineral homeostasis of growing children in Ethiopia during their most critical period of bone development.”

This statement is contrary to all those warnings and everything else that you have heard during the last 45-something years from researchers and health-authorities about how we should relate to sun exposure.

The combination of dire and persistent warnings for the adverse effects of exposure to UV-light and a more indoors urban lifestyle even out the earlier dramatical latitudinal difference visualised on this world-map over Age-standardized hip fracture rates.

Age-standardized hip fracture rates.

The researchers’ advice about “Behaviour change communication to enhance exposure to ultraviolet light” has indeed become critical, not only in Africa but all over the world. And not only for bone-health but for overall health and wellbeing.

This chapter contains referrals to several other studies in Sweden and Norway which confirms the north-south difference and also the difference in fracture-risks between summer and winter. The latter proving the ability of sun exposure (UV Index above 3) being able to reverse bone loss or osteoporosis.

The authors also refer to one of the earliest references to the link between sunlight deprivation and weak, brittle, bones. From Richard Hobday’s “The Healing Sun”

‘At the place where this battle was fought I saw a very odd thing, which the natives had told me about. The bones still lay there, those of the Persian dead separate from those of the Egyptian, just as they were originally divided, and I noticed that the skulls of the Persians were so thin that the merest touch with a pebble will pierce them, but those of the Egyptians, on the other hand, are so tough that it is hardly possible to break them with a blow from a stone. I was told, very credibly, that the reason was that the Egyptians shave their heads from childhood, so that the bone of the skull is indurated by the action of the sun — this is why they hardly ever go bald, baldness being rarer in Egypt than anywhere else. This, then, explains the thickness of their skulls; and the thinness of the Persian’s skulls rests upon a similar principle: namely that they have always worn felt skull-caps, to guard their heads from the sun.

Herodotus, ‘The Histories’

More than Vitamin D

What makes “Embrace the Sun” such a complete and outstanding book compared to the many “benefits of Vitamin D” books, is that it goes beyond the supplement hype and identifies Vitamin D more as a marker for sufficient (or, rather, in most cases, insufficient) exposure to ultraviolet light.

Marc and Bill have also identified some of the powerful corporative interests behind the sun-avoidance scam. For a scam it is. A deadly scam. More much more lethal than all terrorist attacks and school shootings combined.

Those of you who follow my blog, know that I identified the corporate powers who invented and pushed the sun-scare scam already more than 15 years ago. From beginning only as the manufacturers of sun-protection cosmetics, but the creation of Nestlé Skin Health in 2014 proved that the attack on our exposure to sunlight had a much deeper (and eviler) purpose.

(see this post, and this)

For every day now, as the “climate” scare is raging (and the Federal Reserve System fraud is unravelling), we, who remember the “ozone hole”, recognise its purpose, namely the enslavement of the 99% under the full-spectrum dominance by the 1%.

“I'm afraid to go out in the sun now because of the hole in our ozone” – Excerpt from Listen to the Children – Severn Cullis-Suzuki's (in)famous speech on the environment (1992)

This text in Chapter 4 of “Embrace the Sun” touches upon a piece of truth which will, if you awake to it, lead to an even larger truth which will set us free.

Armed with this knowledge about osteoporosis, do you now believe it might be worth a daily sunbath to save the lives of 71,000 people per year? Do you now believe that daily sun exposure (unprotected by sunscreen) is worth your while to reduce your own risk of fracture? Then why don't we know about these statistics and about the marvelous prophylactic effects of the sun against fractures? The answers to this question are simple: (1) This information doesn't sell any Fosamax or Boniva (osteoporosis drugs). (2) It doesn't sell any noxious, deadly sunscreens. (3) It would be unthinkable for most dermatologists to admit, after years of misinformation and resultant profits, that soaking up a little sunshine (or sunlamp radiation in winter) each day might be good for us. It has been said, “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” 206 Now you have boned up on bone strength and the sun, and you know the truth. Our fervent hope is that all may be free from the deceptions of those who would ignore the truth in favor of making another dollar.

Did you get it yet?

If you haven’t yet got it (and I mean both the purpose of the sun scare scam as well as the book) hurry up to order your copy of “Are You Dying In The Dark? Embrace the Sun” and improve your health, extend your life, and lighten your mood starting now!


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