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How are Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group connected?

The Western mainstream media are vilifying both sunshine and Russia.

Without any real proof (or with the help of made up proof), both Russia and sunshine are blamed of being aggressive and dangerous. The Bilderberg group is the secret assembly created by the architects of a New World Order. The Rothschild family is the leading designer of the blueprint for a global government controlling the supply of all the energy, money, trade, healthcare, information, food and water in the world.
Sunbeds - Russia's secret weapon for optimal athletic performance.
Sunbeds – Russia's secret weapon for optimal athletic performance.
Sunshine is a better prophylactic and healing medicine than any of the chemicals made by the pharmaceutical companies owned by the Rothschild family. Sunshine is therefore an obstacle and a threat to their global domination of (and profit from) healthcare. Russia wants to keep the control of their energy resources, money supply, healthcare, information, food and water. This makes also Russia an obstacle and a threat to the global bankers’ goals. I doubt that to the sun scare project will be on the agenda for the meeting of the Bilderberg group this week in Copenhagen Denmark. How to punish Russia for their reaction to the coup in Ukraine is a much more urgent question. The containment of sunshine and tanning beds is rolling on according to the plan. The engineered overdiagnoses of skin cancer, falsely blamed on exposure to sunlight and tanning beds, are scaring more and more people away from the healing UV-photons. Furthermore, the anti-tanning campaign is under direct control by the companies owned by the Rothschilds and it is therefore no need to use the meetings of the foot soldiers in the Bilderberg group for augmenting that campaign. The food-giant Nestlé is the main company in charge of the anti-tanning project. Their success in turning people away from sunlight is almost total. Through their ownership in L’Oreal, there is also a nice side effect in the profit from the sales of sun-protecting cosmetics. It seems however like Nestlé believes that there is still even more money to collect from skin-cancer victims. Recently they bought out L’Oreal from their common ownership of Galderma. Nestlé got 50% of Galderma’s shares valued to 3.1 billion euros and additionally 3.4 billion euros in a deal that will cut Nestlé’s holding in L'Oreal from 29.4 percent to 23.29 percent. Galderma makes expensive medicines for skin-cancer patients and is a huge beneficiary of the overdiagnoses of skin-cancers. Actually, their whole product-range is made up to “cure” illnesses mainly caused by a lack of UV-exposure. Early screenings campaigns and overzealous dermatologists sponsored by Galderma (in the USA and by La Roche-Posay, a company owned by L’Oreal, in Europe) are the main drivers of the overdiagnoses. Nestlé will create a unit called Nestlé Skin Health to include Galderma. Paying more than 2.6 times the 2013 annual profit for Galderma means that we can expect more and more people in even more countries and in younger age getting skin-cancer diagnoses. Of course, the people behind this strategy know very well that regular exposure to moderate (i.e. non-burning) UV-light is necessary for our overall heath, also the health of our skin. Sunshine and sunbeds are therefore serious competitors to the global healthcare business. That is why the campaigns against UV-exposure will become even more intense. The bankers behind the Bilderberg group control all the mainstream media groups. You will therefore never find any truth  that might hurt the “Full Spectrum Dominance” (over all people in the world from the cradle to the grave) in their reports. This goes for the truth about the health benefits of UV-light as well about Russia’s perceived “aggression”. Just to give you an idea of how much of what you consume every day that comes from Nestlé, here is a (old and far from complete) map over their ownership (extract from by



3 thoughts on “Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg group”

  1. Constructora Arquitectura Civil

    To be honest we didnt know this connection existed. You make some interesting points too. We will investigate some more. Thanks for sharing!

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