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Other Diseases Related Positively or Negatively to Sun Exposure and Estimating the Incidence of Deadly Diseases Associated with a Lack of Sun Exposure

Embrace the Sun Chapter 3: Estimating the Incidence od Deadly Diseases Associated with a Lack of UVR Exposure

In Chapter 2 and 3 of “Embrace the Sun,” the authors, Marc Sorenson, and Bill Grant cover (in Chapter 2) which maladies are commonly associated with being exposed to sunlight and (in Chapter 3) a long list of diseases associated with getting too little sunshine.

The authors conclude that having a habit of non-burning sun exposure also mitigates those diseases described in Chapter2 as caused by sunlight and that the lives saved or prolonged by having sun in any case far exceeding the tiny number of deaths caused by cancers related negatively to sun exposure.

Note, that this is the absolute opposite of what health authorities promote. Their matra “sun-exposure cause deadly skin-cancer” is now so ingrained in peoples mind that it has become an axiom associated with tanning.

The recently published “Global cancer statistics 2018” shows, however, that the sun-scare propaganda pushed on us by BigPharma and their corporate mainstream mass media for 40 years has done absolutely ZERO to reduce the number of people dying from skin-diseases.

But since the diagnosed cases have increased more than the increase in mortality, the authorities and their pharma-sponsors can still declare victory since “the survival-rate” improves. Never a word is uttered about that this might depend on that many of the diagnosed cancers never were malign in the first place?

I have another name for the steadily increasing gap between diagnosed skin-cancers and mortality (the largest gap among all cancers): Corporate PROFIT!

In Chapter 2 and 3 of “Embrace the Sun” the authors do “shine a ray of light through the murky mists disseminated by the powers of perfidy, otherwise known as the “sun-scare science.”

In summary, this is what you will learn from Chapter 2 and 3 of “Embrace the Sun”…

  • There are a few deaths associated (at least partially) with regular sun exposure, but melanoma is NOT one of them.
  • The deaths caused by these sun-associated cancers is a tiny fraction (less than 1%) of the total cancer mortality in the USA.
  • High sun exposure is associated with an increase in diseases known to cause approximately 5125 deaths per year.
  • Low sun exposure is associated with an increase in diseases known to cause approximately 1,684,677 deaths per year.
  • There are approximately 328.7 deaths associated with low sun exposure for every one death associated with high sun exposure.
  • Sun exposure should NOT be avoided; it should be encouraged in a non-burning, controlled manner. Moderation is the key!
Risk of Dying from to little or too much sun exposure

I know which risk I'm willing to take. What about you?


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