We reveal the real forces behind the sun-scare and propaganda against tanning.

The purpose of this site is to collect proof of the real motives for the sun-scare propaganda.  And to expose the methods used by the sun-scare lobby.

For more than 30 years we have been indoctrinated that sunlight is dangerous. By now, almost everyone believes that UV-rays and tanning are deadly.  Even the largest health authority, the WHO (World Health Organization), has been duped or encouraged into this belief and have issued recommendations against tanning (and for the use of sun-protection lotions!).

sun-scare tanning fearWith such resourceful forces spreading the lies about UV-light, it is hard to blame our authorities for making regulations that restrict our tanning possibilities (or wish to tan). The massive PR-campaign in support of the sun-scare is also trying to make those of us who believe in healthy tanning to feel like guilty criminals every time we go for tanning to the beach or in a solarium.

The social cost of the Vitamin-D deficiency that is the result of people following the false recommendations, are billions of dollars/euros (200 billion euros per year only in Western Europe). This, if nothing else, should motivate our Governments to think twice and be better informed (or simply use common sense) before they issue any regulations concerning limitations of sunlight and tanning.

Thanks to the Internet and other open sources, it is possible to show the real motives and powers behinds the sun-scare propaganda.  Large producers of sun-protection (SPF) lotions that are cashing in on the fear that they have invented. The sun has been shining on us for million of years. It is very illogical to believe that it suddenly has become so dangerous. It is only an image created for commercial gains.

In the blog section of this site, we share some ideas and examples of how you can investigate the persons and organizations behind the false claims, statistics and recommendations about sunlight, UV-rays and tanning indoors and outdoors. Together we will be stronger than the powerful forces that are darkening our lives.

By registering and participating actively in the Forum with your research and stories, you will contribute to the information needed to stop the lies about tanning.

Note: This blog does now also include “Sun Scare News“, the latest about the activities and campaigns from the sun-scare lobby.

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Note, this site is NOT about telling all the positive effects about sunlight, Vitamin-D and tanning.  There are hundreds of other sources for that. It’s only purpose is to reveal how the sunscare was invented, who are behind it and why they want to prevent us from tanning in the most healthy way.

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