Another Shameful Attack On Indoor Tanning – This Time From ABC

The indoor tanning business is suffering another attack from the sun-scare mafia.

Again it is the notorious news-channel ABC that is delivering the attack against indoor tanning in favor of one of their large advertisers, L’Oréal.

As a change they are not directly attacking indoor UV-tanning this time but instead the more and more popular spray-tanning.

In the report below posted on YouTube, ABC’s reporters makes a ridiculous assessment that some ingredients in spray-tan might be harmful if inhaled or ingested.

As in previous attacks, they claim to have support from various research, for sure paid for by the enemies of indoor tanning.

And, also according to a known pattern, they present a favorable interview with an “expert” (Darrell S. Rigel) and a “cut to look bad” interview with a representative for the indoor tanning business community (Joseph Levy).

Darrel-S-Rigel - paid sun-scare lobbyist

Again, Tanner’s Rights is able to add another name and face to the list of paid lobbyists for the sun-scare mafia.

Darrell S. Rigel is a long term serving paid consultant to L’Oréal, the founder of sun-scare.

Already in 1983, as one of the pioneers of the newly created PR-campaign of sun-scare, he was the author of several reports being pivotal for the decision by IARC in 1992 to declare solar radiation as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1).

Page from IARC MONOGRAPHS ON THE EVALUATION OF CARCINOGENIC RISKS TO HUMAS - Solar and Ultraviolet Radiation - Volume 55 - 1992

The other “researcher” on L’Oréal’s payroll in the table from Mono55 above, Adéle Green, who contributed heavily to the decision with her reports, went on to become even more influential when UV-emitting devices (i.e. tanning beds) also was included by IARC as carcinogenic to humans. Read more about that here …
Here is one (of many) mentions from the Internet about Rigel’s consultancy for L’Oréal:
“According to experts, UVB exposure causes sunburn and some skin cancers, while UVA causes aging and some other skin cancers. Most sunscreens contain two active ingredients—avobenzone and octocrylene. Anthelios SX contains those ingredients as well, in addition to Mexoryl, a compound that stabilizes the UVA protections and makes them last longer. Sunscreens containing Mexoryl have been available in Europe, Asia and Canada since 1993- “There was nothing like this in the US,” says Dr. Darrell S. Rigel, a clinical professor of dermatology at New York University and advisor to L’Oreal.”

The intensified attacks from the anti-tanning (and pro sun-protection cosmetics) lobby, is a disgrace to the people in USA. Unfortunately most of them believe more in the lies communicated by media than in facts and logic. And most journalists are either bought (or threatened) by the powerful media houses in the sun-scare lobby (like ABC and CBS) or just not interested enough.

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