Why Indoor Tanning Has Become A Target For The Sun-Scare

While following the media reports after the press-release from the Mayo Clinic about their study “About Melanoma Among Young Women”, it is impossible not to be astonished over how well the sun-scare lobby has succeeded to brain-wash journalists and bloggers.

Almost unanimously they are buying the report (or rather the press-release) without an ounce of criticism. They are also discrediting any comments or articles that question the report from the Mayo Clinic.

Here is one of the most ignorant articles from Hanna Brooks Olsen at Blisstree.com.

“The Indoor Tanning Association Would Like You To Ignore That Study Linking Tanning To Melanoma”

In her article she claim to “have to side with the scientists” and then go on to repeat most of the information which the sun-scare lobby has used in their brain-wash. Everything with the sole purpose to shred to pieces the critic over the Mayo Clinic study that came from the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) (and, of course, to give even more fuel to the sun-scare fire). (She also present a very professionally made info-graphic, describing “The Dark Side Of Indoor Tanning”. Unfortunately, it is full of statistics tweaked in a way almost bordering to fraud).

Since Hanna most likely will not allow my comment to her article to be published on her page, I’ll do it here instead …

Hanna, you are not siding with science. You are siding with the largest and most successful black PR campaign in the world. Ever.

We must learn to differ between enough sun and too much. The “scientists” only use “too much” evidences. And they do so for a very specific purpose – to kill the tanning industry.

Why? You might ask.

There are several reasons (and I actually discovered one more yesterday while doing some research for my post at www.thetanningguru.com/tannersrights/what-is-wrong-with-the-mayo-clinic-report-on-melanoma-among-young-women.html/).

1. People from the tanning business are the only left that stand up for healthy usage of tanning as a mean to better life with less ailments and more beauty. And by doing so, they are in opposition to the sun-scare message.

2. Dermatologists are fighting for the control of a billion dollar market for indoor tanning confined to their treatment rooms.

3. The manufacturers of sun-protection cosmetics must have something to blame the artificially created “melanoma epidemic” on.

4. This is so unthinkable that I suggest you read my post above and draw your own conclusions from the fact that the initiator of sun-scare, in 1981 (just after they started the black PR campaign against sunlight) created a new company producing remedies for treatment of skin-diseases. Question – did they do so in the knowledge that their campaign would lead to a drastically increased market of people with skin-problems? It is almost too cynical and unethical to think about. In any case, that company, Galderma, last year sold for 1.4 billion EURO of their products. And, by the way, they were also the main sponsor of the “scientist” behind the report from the Mayo Clinic.

I understand if it is hard to grasp the size of this scam, but everything is laid out at www.thetanningguru.com/tannersrights.

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