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Is Sen Ted W Lieu corrupt or just misinformed?

Is Sen Ted W Lieu corrupt or just misinformed? The anti-tanning headlines last week were dominated by the report from an initiative by a legislator in California who asked the FTC to “rein in” the American Suntanning Association because of their attempts to disclose the lies about UV-exposure and skin-cancer spread by dermatologists and their […]

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Another Shameful Attack On Indoor Tanning – This Time From ABC

The indoor tanning business is suffering another attack from the sun-scare mafia. Again it is the notorious news-channel ABC that is delivering the attack against indoor tanning in favor of one of their large advertisers, L’Oréal. As a change they are not directly attacking indoor UV-tanning this time but instead the more and more popular spray-tanning. In […]

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The Origin Of Sun-Scare

The story of the origin of Sun-scare is as frightening to read as it is difficult to believe in. On this page about “The Creations of the Sun-scare”, Tanner’s Rights describes how and why … Black PR from the world’s largest cosmetic company managed to change our perception of sunlight from life-giving to life-threatening. The World […]

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Why Indoor Tanning Has Become A Target For The Sun-Scare

While following the media reports after the press-release from the Mayo Clinic about their study “About Melanoma Among Young Women”, it is impossible not to be astonished over how well the sun-scare lobby has succeeded to brain-wash journalists and bloggers. Almost unanimously they are buying the report (or rather the press-release) without an ounce of […]

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Will Someone Take the Mayo Clinic To Court After This?

Today was another day full of negative news headlines about indoor tanning. This time even such a respectable entity as the Mayo Clinic has teamed up with the rest of the sun-scare lobby. As many time before, the tanning branch are condemning the report and its speculative press-messages. But when will the ITA (Indoor Tanning […]

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The Hidden Truth In Sun-Scare Statistics

In December 2011, indoor tanning was hit by another Press-Release lambasting the use of tanning beds. “Indoor tanning associated with a 69% increased risk of skin-cancer”, was the headline of the Press-Release, followed by a description of the study from the Yale School of Public Health, Yale Cancer Center, and Yale University School of Medicine. […]

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