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Another Shameful Attack On Indoor Tanning – This Time From ABC

The indoor tanning business is suffering another attack from the sun-scare mafia. Again it is the notorious news-channel ABC that is delivering the attack against indoor tanning in favor of one of their large advertisers, L’Oréal. As a change they are not directly attacking indoor UV-tanning this time but instead the more and more popular spray-tanning. In […]

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The Origin Of Sun-Scare

The story of the origin of Sun-scare is as frightening to read as it is difficult to believe in. On this page about “The Creations of the Sun-scare”, Tanner’s Rights describes how and why … Black PR from the world’s largest cosmetic company managed to change our perception of sunlight from life-giving to life-threatening. The World […]

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Will Someone Take the Mayo Clinic To Court After This?

Today was another day full of negative news headlines about indoor tanning. This time even such a respectable entity as the Mayo Clinic has teamed up with the rest of the sun-scare lobby. As many time before, the tanning branch are condemning the report and its speculative press-messages. But when will the ITA (Indoor Tanning […]

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Comment exchange in The Telegraph

Republished comment-exchange about sun-scare. The article in the Telegraph had the title “Tanning salons more dangerous than previously thought“. Here is the exchange of comments between me and a guy in Australia. It starts with my first comment to the article and the continuous in chronological order: tannersrights This is just another report from the sun-scare lobby, trying to scare […]

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A Recipe for Vitamin D Deficiency

Deadly sun-scare tips from an ignorant health authority guarantee Vitamin D deficiency. If you are looking for a sure way to get ill with any kind of cancer (yes, even Melanoma), to easy catch the flu or just to weaken your immune system in general due to Vitamin D deficiency, then just follow the rules […]

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The latest attack on indoor tanning

The latest attack on indoor tanning Comes from the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS (AAP) in their report – “Ultraviolet Radiation: A Hazard to Children and Adolescents” in March 2011 issue of “PEDIATRICS”, the official journal of the AAP. The report is carefully prepared with 29 pages and 230 references to other publications. The problem is, […]

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Free sun-scare report

30 years of Sun-scare A FREE report from the world’s greatest black-PR campaign. Join Tanners’ Rights and get your copy NOW! >>> Join Tanners’ Rights NOW! and get a new report from 30 years of Sun-Scare Name: Email: We respect your email privacy   BEFORE YOU CLICK YES! – DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” THIS PAGE!

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