Vitamin D
They get it! (Vitamin D from sunshine)

Vitamin D – and why you don’t get it

If you are following the latest news regarding health, you must be aware of the advantages of having high enough level of Vitamin D and the risks of having too low.

Vitamin D, named “the Sunshine Vitamin”, has been re-discovered as a universal prevention against so many common ailments that there are no doubts about its benefits.

How not to get Vitamin D

Pharmaceutical companies have quickly jumped on the commercial bandwagon and are now offering and advertising Vitamin D supplements in many different forms.

But there are a couple of major problems with attempting to improve your Vitamin D level by taking supplements. Since the human organism is not made for getting vitamin D orally and the need is very individual, it is easy to overdose. Too much Vitamin D in this form will hurt your liver and other organs.

The main proof that Vitamin D not is meant to be obtained through the digestive system can be found in mother’s milk. Mother’s milk contains ALL vitamins, minerals and other nourishment that newborn babies need during their first months, EXCEPT Vitamin D.

How to get Vitamin D

How then, can we get Vitamin D in the best and most natural way? You probably know it already – through sunlight exposure on our skin. For some reason, nature has provided the body with an ingenious mechanism for safe Vitamin D production.

When sunlight hits skin, the UVB (Ultraviolet rays type B, around 300 nanometers wavelengths) component in sunlight penetrates exactly deep enough to reach receptors in the outer skin-layer. Through those receptors, UVB-light is converted to useful Vitamin D and distributed in the blood via the liver. Nature has also taken care of the problem with over-exposure. When the level of Vitamin D is high enough, any excess production are just discarded in a safe way. Read more about this in this post: “Do You Know How To Tan?”

But wait, isn't sunlight dangerous?

Wait a minute, you probably now think. Have we not been told that sunlight is dangerous and can cause skin-cancer if we are not avoiding the sun or protecting the skin with sun protection lotions as soon as we need to be outdoors?

True enough, we have been told so, and it is good to be careful not to spend unnecessary long time in strong sunlight without any protection. The problem is, however, that the “sun-scare” lobbyists (dermatologists, manufacturers of sun protection lotions etc.) have been taking their case too far.

Following their advice, you will rob your body of its most natural way to produce the Vitamin D that is now proved to be so important for your health. In other words, having too little sun-exposure is MUCH more risky than to have too much.

Better safe than sorry

The risk of having too much sun is gravely exaggerated by the sun-scare lobby. The medical and commercial health-insurance system, especially in USA but also in most other developed countries, encourages dermatologists to identify and classify also common skin-conditions as potential cancer.

Many patients therefore have skin-spots removed that maybe or maybe not could have developed into cancer. Those patients become a part of the statistic showing that the incidences (diagnosed) cancer is increasing steeply. This statistic is then used as argument for people to buy and protect themselves with more and stronger sun-protection lotions.

The sales of cosmetics with sun-protection factor have increased with 2000% during the last 20 years and give unbelievable profit for their producers (among which L’Oreal is by far the largest).

The flip-side of this is, however, that a country like USA, with 5% of the world’s population, tops the skin-cancer statistic with 85% of all the incidences worldwide.

The tragedy that comes from lack of Vitamin D

All this would be good if it would have had any effect on the mortality of skin-cancer. But, unfortunately it has not. The mortality is more or less constant year by year as long as there are historical statistics. The millions of cancer-survivors created in this process are probably glad to be better safe than sorry. But they have all seen their insurance fees go up and their dermatologists make tons of money.

The real tragedy is however that ALL other kind of cancers are increasing. Unfortunately and unlike for skin-cancer, it is not only the incidences that goes up but also the mortality. Whatever you might have heard from the sun-scare promoters, death in skin-cancer, comes “only” on approximately 20th place in the cancer mortality statistic. This statistic is topped by lung-cancer for women and prostate-cancer for men.

Who is to blame for the widespread deficit of Vitamin D?

What could then be the reason for this? More and more experts believe that the main culprit is a widespread lack of Vitamin D. Before the start of indoctrination with propaganda of the dangers of sunlight, we were actually encouraged to be outside and in the sun. For us living far from the equator, it meant that we could build up a reasonable level of Vitamin D at least during summer. Even if did not last long enough to see us through a long winter, it still gave us some protection.

Now, after being brain-washed to buy and cover our skin with sun-protective lotions before we step outside, we are cancelling the small possibility we had to “fill-up” our summer-time storage of Vitamin D. The consequences can be seen not only in the statistic but also in sky-rocketing medical costs for tax-payers. Renowned researchers have calculated that the yearly savings if all people would have had sufficient levels of Vitamin D could be as much as 200 billion Euro per year in western Europe only.

Evolution not fast enough to help our skin produce enough Vitamin D

It is a biological fact that the human race was developed for a life close to the equator, with plenty of UVB available from sunlight all year around. When our ancestors moved further and further away from the tropical latitudes, their skin gradually lost its dark pigmentation. This was the body’s attempt to facilitate the decreasing amount of sunlight available for Vitamin D creation.

In a couple of more million years of evolution, our descendants might have developed further to become less dependent of sunlight. Until then, we need to take every opportunity to let the sun into our lives (or at least on to our skin).

How to beat the “flu-season” with Vitamin D

Regular and moderate sun-exposure all year around is the by far best way to beat the “flu-season” and to stay healthy also when people around us are getting sick.

The problem is that Vitamin D can only be created from UVB-exposure. UVB from the sun can reach the earth only when the sky is clear, the air free from pollution and when the sun is higher than 45-50⁰ above the horizon. This means that if you live even as far south as on the French Riviera (or New York for that matter), you can get Vitamin D from the sun only during the 8 most sunny months of the year.

Modern technology (in the shape of using tanning beds for Vitamin D) vilified.

Fortunately, modern technology has engineered a way to overcome this problem. The invention of sun-lamps that emits real UVB-light, gives us the possibility to obtain Vitamin D at any location all year around and almost in the way the nature intended.

Unfortunately, and even if the vast majority of skin-cancer victims never been near a tanning bed, indoor tanning is blamed to be the reason for the increase in diagnosed skin-cancers as mentioned above. Sounds crazy and totally illogical, but the fact is that the sun-scare lobbying is dangerously successful in their campaign to lead us further and further into darkness and sickness.

For more information about Vitamin D and the sun-scare that want to keep us sick and in darkness, visit and watch this video about Vitamin D