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All of the Chapters in Marc Sorenson’s and William Grant’s “Embrace the Sun” are important, but maybe this Chapter 5 is the most important for your health.Embrace The Sun: CHAPTER 5: Cancer Prevention: Sun Exposure is essential. However, since most of its content goes against what has become “conventional wisdom”, you will not read much about it in medical journals or anywhere else, for that matter. Chapter 5 of “Embrace the Sun” starts with a quote from a book from 1913, “The Practical Guide to Health” – A Popular Treatise on ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, and HYGIENE, with a Scientific Description of Diseases, Their Causes and Treatment – Designed for Nurses and for Home Use – By FREDERICK M. ROSSITER, B. S., M. D. The quote, and the three pages in the book dealing with sunshine, is like poetry for any sun-lover and a reminder of a time before corporate greed started to turn humanity away from sunshine as a main source for health. I have dug up a scanned pdf version of the book online and extracted the “sunshine-pages” for you to read in the flip-book below. (Click on the square symbol down to the right to read in full screen) Here is a link to the page where I found the book: If you want a used hardcopy, you can get it on Amazon. Otherwise, Chapter 5 in “Embrace the Sun” contains referral to 164 scientific research papers, covering the influence of sun-exposure on 19 major cancers. Dr. Grant is an authority expert on the subject of sun exposure for cancer prevention with his two research-papers: a) “An estimate of premature cancer mortality in the U.S. due to inadequate doses of solar ultraviolet‐B radiation“, and, b) “The association of solar ultraviolet B (UVB) with reducing risk of cancer: multifactorial ecologic analysis of geographic variation in age-adjusted cancer mortality rates.” (co-authored with Garland CF). In paper a), Dr. Grant conclude that: “The annual number of premature deaths from cancer due to lower UV‐B exposures was 21,700 (95% confidence interval [95% CI], 20,400–23,400) for white Americans, 1400 (95% CI, 1100–1600) for black Americans, and 500 (95% CI, 400–600) for Asian Americans and other minorities.” Those numbers are most likely too small. Avoiding the sun is as dangerous as smokingTwo Swedish researchers, Pelle Lindqvist and Håkan Olsson (no, not a relative of mine) published in 2016 the result of a study involving 29,518 women in Southern Sweden: “Avoidance of sun exposure as a risk factor for major causes of death: a competing risk analysis of the Melanoma in Southern Sweden cohort.” Lindqvist and Olsson wrote an article about their findings, headlined: “Avoiding the sun is as dangerous as smoking”, where they conclude: “We believe that those who campaign for “the less sun, the better” take large responsible for our health. Those who follow this advice seem to shorten their life expectancy by half-a-year to two years.” The combined result from the 166 research reports presented in “Embrace the Sun”, Chapter 5, proves without a shadow of a doubt that sun-exposure is a major prevention of at least 19 major cancers. The positive influence of sunlight goes beoyond the UVB-triggered Vitamin D and points to that Vitamin D is more an indicator of sufficient (or, in most cases, insufficient) exposure to sunlight, and its UVB-rays. Substituting sun exposure with Vitamin D pills, is therefore like adjusting the petrol-gauge in a car without actually filling up with petrol (or charging, for you Tesla-owners out there). One observation, rarely mentioned but made by Grant and Sorenson in this chapter 5 of “Embrace the Sun”, is the danger with the too intensive focus on sunlight as the only cause of melanoma. “Dr. Arthur Rhodes, a professor of dermatology at Rush Medical College, states that blaming the sun as the only cause of melanoma can be a deadly misconception. 351 He also states that the dermatology profession's message-that sun exposure is the only cause of melanoma-is killing many people. He gives several examples of death resulting from that deadly misconception.”

To summarize what we have learned in Chapter 5 of “Embrace the Sun”:

  1. There are 19 major cancers listed in this chapter, all of which are associated with insufficient sun exposure:
  2. Breast cancer
  3. Ovarian cancer
  4. Endometrial cancer
  5. Colon cancer
  6. Bladder cancer
  7. Brain cancer
  8. Esophageal cancer
  9. Gallbladder cancer
  10. Renal (kidney) cancer
  11. Leukemia
  12. Lymphoma
  13. Melanoma
  14. Multiple myeloma
  15. Oral cancer
  16. Pancreatic cancer
  17. Pharyngeal cancer
  18. Prostate cancer
  19. Thyroid cancer
  20. Lung cancer
  21. Many of these cancers also have a close association with low 2S(OH)D levels. However, a few others don't seem to have such an association.
  22. It is a mistake to think that either optimal sun exposure or optimal 2S(OH)D levels are the answers to curing cancer. Nutrition is vitally important and there are other environmental factors playing a part. Sun exposure, however, is a vital factor in helping to prevent the cancers discussed in this section.
From the information presented in this chapter on cancer, it appears regular sun exposure is one of the best cancer prophylactics available. But can it also reduce the risk of heart disease, our number 1 killer? Find out in next post, about CHAPTER 6 in “Embrace the Sun”. Footnote: Sun exposure is the best prevention for, and medicine against, most human (and animal) diseases. It is therefore the most formidable competitor to the pharmaceutical industrial-political-educational-institutional complex. And it is free. It is easy to identify the powers behind the global sun-avoidance campaign. It’s no coincidence that they have twisted our minds from the perception of sunlight as the life-giver (as described in “The Practical Guide to Health”, referred to in the beginning of this post) to the opposite, during the same time-period as corporate greed has obtained full-spectrum control of society. Did you get it yet? If you haven’t yet got it (and I mean both the purpose of the sun scare scam as well as the book) hurry up to order your copy of “Are You Dying In The Dark? Embrace the Sun” and improve your health, extend your life, and lighten your mood starting now!

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