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Will Green Light Therapy Sunbeds Be Mandatory For European Indoor Tanning?

The rumor about what will be in the new regulations for commercial indoor tanning within the European Community was leaked today, April 1st, from the working group in Brussels. One of the most revolutionary and interesting novelties in the new European sunbed rules is said to be a mandatory provision for tanning salons to provide a session in a sunbed with green light lamps directly after the ordinary UV-tanning session. The time spent in the green light sunbed must be as long as the session time in the UV-tanning bed.
Leaked-new regulation-April-1-2013
Leaked information about new rule for indoor tanning salons in Europe
According to representatives from the Associated Pan-European Regulatory Information League and Federal Organisation Of Light-therapy1), it has been proved in a study from 1995 by Saeeduddin Ahmed et. al. “Phase Response Curve of Low-Intensity Green Light in Winter Depressives”, that the melanin-reduction from green light will compensate for the melanin-production during the ordinary tanning session and thus eliminate the risks perversely associated with indoor tanning.
Green Color Study in Dublin
Participant in Green Color Study in Dublin, Ireland
Professor Adam Green from IARC (the Irish Agency for Rejuvenating Colors) confirms that a secret trial recently conducted in Dublin proves that even wearing green colors will drastically reduce any brown pigmentation. “We measured the face-color of as many as 1011 people on the morning of March 17th 2013 and again 24 hours later. It turned out that 1001 of the participants had lost almost all colors they had from beginning and that their faces had become very pale with a distinct shade of green“, explains Prof Green. All of those who lost their pigmentation confirmed having been wearing both green hats and green scarves most of the 24 hours the study lasted. Here is a picture of one of the participants taken just a couple of hours into the study. Professor Green admits that green beer might have been a confounding factor in the study. Regarding safety, Prof Green points to testing on animals done for several years by IARC (International Agricultural Research in Canada) on cows being exposed to reflected green light for several months each year. “Even when we can see a noticeable change in pigmentation between cows that has been exposed to green field reflected illumination for a longer time, no adverse effects have been observed. The color and quality of the milk are the same and the beef as delicious as it ever was.” In the video below, you can see some of the cows participating in the Canadian study and also notice that the mooing from cows with darker hides is a little bit deeper than from those with less pigmentation.  

Fast reaction from European sunbed manufacturers.

Sunbed with Combined UV and Green Light
Some European manufacturers of sunbeds have been quick to react to the leaked rumors and have already solutions ready that might satisfy the regulatory authorities. “We already have sunbeds which combines ultraviolet and red-light lamps”, explains Otto Tannerman (who doesn't want us to reveal which manufacturer he is working for). Now we just switch the red lamps towards green and the tanner will get the same effect as stipulated in the new regulations but during one session, not two, and also without having to get up and change sunbed.” “For the tanning salon owners, this solution will of course save a lot of money because they don’t have to invest in new sunbeds exclusively for the green light”, adds Tannerman. “Regarding the ‘pure’ green light sunbeds, we already see an interest from India and many other Asian countries where there exists markets for melanin reduction.” For The Tanning Guru, this sounds like an ideal model for those who want to use sunbeds to get their vitamin D but not to get a tan.

Photo-therapeutic effect from new LED traffic lights in Moscow, Russia

When it comes to the rejuvenating effects from different colors an interesting observation has been made in Moscow, Russia, where the old-fashioned traffic-lights are being replaced by modern LED lights.

In the image below, you can see the effect in the face of tram-driver Svetlana Tsvetafora. “Even my husband, who normally don’t take much notice, yesterday asked me if I had been “spending money on my face”, said Svetlana to The Tanning Blog.

Rejuvenating effect from new LED traffic lights in Moscow, Russia
The Tanning Guru comment: “The rejuvenating benefits from red and orange light are since long well known and used for cosmetology purposes. Red and orange light, as well as green, also have the ability to penetrate glass, something the UVB-rays, which can give you vitamin D, don’t have. However, that the effect from the new LED traffic-light could be strong enough to have any rejuvenating benefits for a tram-driver is quite astonishing. Maybe it is the more and more frequent standstills in the Moscow traffic which also add the effect from green light and enhance the rejuvenating effect?” 1) (APRIL-FOOL)

6 thoughts on “Green Light For European Indoor Tanning?”

  1. Philip Woodrow

    Could have been believeable coming from the EU. Shame it was posted April 1st. LOL

  2. This is interesting, but would green be a superior way to tan over typical tanning bed bulbs?

  3. rehnuma aasha

    dear respected admin,

    this is the great post about green light for European indoor training. looking forward to more posts like this. thank you.

  4. woo, This is a informative about Green Light Therapy. it grow my knowledge.

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