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Are some European politicians in MAC (MEP’s Against Cancer) receiving money or perks from a producer of sun protection cosmetics in order to block cancer research on vitamin D?

The mountain of research showing the health benefits of the original natural blood levels of vitamin D I humans is growing almost exponentially.

However, the lack of real interest from politicians and health-authorities is alarming to the steadily increasing number of scientists that are convinced about that the official present recommendations for vitamin D are far from being optimal for human health.

Some of the more outspoken vitamin D researchers (e.g. Michael Holick) did early identify manufacturers of sun-protection cosmetics as the drivers of a wide-spread vitamin D deficiency in Europe, Australia and North America.

Now, several others are joining in the criticism of how a seemingly commendable campaign to curb a small amount of skin-cancers is preventing actions to protect a much larger part of the population from a number of ailments.

As described in my previous article about the skin cancer awareness day at the European Parliament, the organisation MEP’s Against Cancer is allowing a manufacturer of sun-protection cosmetics to sponsor their anti-UV-exposure campaigns.

This has raised the following questions among those who see the progress of new recommendations regarding vitamin D being stalled in WHO by people also on the payroll of the same cosmetic company that is the sponsor of MAC:

  • How close are really the ties between leading MEP’s in MAC and the manufacturer of sun-protection cosmetics?
  • Are the other MEP’s in the ENVI committee aware of the full extent of collaboration between MEP’s in MAC and the cosmetic manufacturer and the potential influence from this collaboration on the discussion about vitamin D in ENVI?

Some of the answers to the questions above and the evidence supporting them are being collected as you read this. Come back again for more information about what can be one of the largest health-related scandals in the European Parliament as of today.


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    good luck for you.
    waiting for more informations.

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