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Are you burned out by blogging?

Need to get some vitamin D but can't leave your computer?

Are you like me and millions of other people spending too much time hammering on the keyboard trying to write something that you think might be interesting for somebody else? Even if the summer is just over, your face is grey and gloomy like a zombie in a Michael Jackson music video. What if there was a way to fix that and make you look like a movie-star that just came back after the Festival in Cannes? Now, maybe there is – try computer-tan. Watch in the video below how it can turn your computer-screen into a tanning-machine.

Were you fooled? Or did you run away in fear looking for the sunscreen and sunglasses? This video snippet is actually taken from a very clever site, It is a site set up by a skin-cancer organization in order to warn about tanning and skin-cancer. And there are some very nasty images towards the end. Indoor tanning is however not the reason for an increase in malignant melanoma. A recent pan-European study showed that out of some 400 melanoma cases, only 1.7 % were habitual indoor tanners. There were about 20 other factors of greater influence. In reality, regular and moderate indoor tanning is probably the best way to keep your vitamin D level high all year around and stay free from the flu and other seasonal illnesses. Many of us bloggers, who spend a lot of time in front of our computers, should really think seriously about having a session or two every week in a tanning bed. Just be sure to never burn. And it is very easy to avoid since you need only half of the time than what it takes for you to get a burn, to get enough vitamin D . If you have very light skin and maybe red hair and freckles, you should, however, avoid all kinds of tanning and stick to vitamin D supplements. The risk of burning might be too large. Now, having said that, I have noticed that many people wrongly believe they are skin-type I. They do so because they have not tried to tan in the right way. The right way to tan, and the only way to determine if you are a skin-type I or not, is to carefully expose your skin to UVB rays. This means that you have to catch the sunlight a short moment (5-10 minutes) in the middle of a clear summer-day. Do this repeatedly every day for a week. If your skin is not turning darker, you are for sure a skin-type I. However, if you get even the slightest of tan, the melanin produced in your skin by the UVB-rays are of the kind that can be made darker by UV-light, which means that you are skin-type II. It is of course important to stay in the sun a VERY short time and not test out the second criteria for skin-type I: “always burn” (the first criteria, which you just tested using UVB-rays as above, is “never get a tan”).
David Walker - IM-Coach
  That reminds me of one famous blogger, David Walker, who probably is among the people for which tanning might be less suitable. David's skin-type is however not very important when it comes to his ability to teach other people how to become better bloggers. Since I have signed up for one of his courses, there is a slight chance that even I will become a better (and maybe more frequent) writer on this and my other blogs. If you are interested in having a presence online, I can sincerely recommend to check Davids site: and judge for yourself. The very first advice from David is to get a system (and use it) in order to plan your daily activities. I have been using such a tool for a while, and I must say it has made me at least twice as productive than before. The tool I am using is called ActionEnforcer. I have actually purchased the re-sell rights to that beautiful piece of software and I can therefore offer it to you with the best price possible from this site: As you notice (if you are still reading), this was a slight diversion from my usual subject on this blog. But don't fear, next post will be about how a difference smaller than a hair is thin can have a HUGE impact on your tanning results.

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