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This is about an organization that was set up some ten years ago. Its purpose was to measure the, supposedly, thinning ozone-layer and issue alarm-reports about increasing levels of UV-radiation. The name of the organization is TEMIS, which stands for Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service ( The main financial sponsor of TEMIS was the French cosmetic giant L'Oréal. Now, you might wonder, why of all companies did a cosmetic manufacturer pay millions of Euro to finance an organization warning about UV-radiation? The answer is that this was meant to be an essential contribution to the “melanoma-marketing”, created by L'Oréal and its second largest owner, Nestlé, in order to sell more sun-protection cosmetics and medical skincare. However, for that purpose, the project became a failure since it turned out that the ozone-layer was not really thinning, at least not where it matters. (The market for sun-protection cosmetics around the North and South Poles is not very big). So L'Oréal left the project but TEMIS continued to issue daily measurements and reports on the level of UVB. On November 2010, I wrote like this in a post on tannersrights
Although the purpose with the UV-reports from TEMIS is to support the sun-scare, they also turn out to be excellent tools for finding out where and when you can get UVB (and thus Vitamin D) from the natural sun.
And some months ago TEMIS started to do just that (see the image below and notice the title).

Vitamin D chart from TEMIS

The map is of course identical to the “warning-map” for UVB. Now, have a look at the image below that shows the statistic from IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) (yes, the same organization under WHO that classified sunlight as a “carcinogenic to humans (Group 1)”), the mortality in all kinds of cancers in different countries in the world. Notice how clearly it shows that there are less cancer where there are most sunshine.


Of course, a friend of order will now say, “but this can't be valid also for melanoma! Of course the mortality from malign melanoma will be higher where there is more sun.” So, let's have a look at the image below. There you can see that the mortality-map from melanoma follows the same pattern as the one above for all cancers.


If this is not enough to convince you of that all the news about the horrors of sunlight are made up for a certain purpose (to sell more sun-protection cosmetics), here is a fresh headline (click on it to read the article …


Now, for most of us living in the northern hemisphere it is too late to get our daily dose of vitamin D from the natural sun (check with TEMIS or use the calculation described in this post). Fortunately there is another way, tanning-beds. Now, before you start to faint from fear, let me tell you a couple of facts:

  • There is no difference between the UV-light from the sun and the UV-light from a tanning bed. UV-photons can't be artificial even if their source is man-made.
  • Even IARC has confirmed that “chronic” (i.e. regular) sun-exposure reduce the risk of melanoma (which fits well in with the images above).
  • Statistically, the risk for skin-cancer increase from 0.002 to 0.003% only if you burn yourself 3 or more times (it doesn't matter if it is in a tanning bed or outdoors).

The burning risk in a tanning bed is very easy to eliminate for a “vitamin D tanner”. You need only half of the time it would take for you to burn in a tanning bed with a reasonable amount of UVB in order to make a large enough amount of vitamin D.

Finally, a video that summarizes everything above …

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15 thoughts on “They Should Warn Us Of Sunshine, Now They Tell Us Where We Can Find It”

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    Reading your article helps me appreciate my skin color. I am a natural tan. Before, I used to feel insecure with those girls with white skin. Now I know how hard and complicated getting tan nowadays. I can now say that I’m blessed.

  2. So interesting to see Africa has less cancer, more sun, and whatever it is that those living in the north pole can do to beat cancer, please do. I have enjoyed the insight on the same UV from the sun and from the tanning bed and I have learnt a ton from the research from TEMIS

  3. Very nice article.Actually everyone will afraid of sunshine so this is the very much important information which makes people known about the usefulness of sunshine.

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    Amazing article!
    it was really good to read this article
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    Keep writing and stay blessed
    thanks for share article

  5. Nice article, very informative and thanks for sharing. Funny how we Africans try avoid sunlight but the whites crave for it

  6. Thank you for the information! It’s scary to be uninformed on this topic when. Thank you for putting this together!

  7. Capital Vradhhi

    Wonderful information regarding harmful effects of UV thanks for sharing!

  8. Natural UV exposure from the sun provides your skin with some beneficial exposure to electromagnetic radiation but also the unhealthy effects of UV. Modern light treatments such as Dermalux give you all the benefits without the skin cancer risks of UV exposure.

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