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Since the beginning of life on earth, sunlight is the source of life. Starting 40 years ago, we are told to stay away from sunshine and sunbeds because any exposure to UV-light will kill us. Why?

Why we should Embrace the Sun (and hug sunbeds)

I wrote this “About Us” article for the Russian site (For Tanning), created to share real information about how to use sunlight from the real sun or light-therapy from the lamps in a sunbed, for optimal health, rejuvenation, and wellbeing. Here is the English version… Please comment on the articles posted to share your experience of healthy tanning. Göran is a sun-worshiper and marketing specialist who has, during more than 30 years, studied to understand why we are being told to avoid and protect us against the sun which, for thousands of years before, we were encouraged to embrace. His findings are a scary exposure of the power large corporations enjoy in the fully privatised western society. Corporate greed among the big pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies has twisted our traditional relationship to sunlight. Since the beginning of life on earth, sunlight is the source of life. Starting 40 years ago, we are told to stay away from sunshine and sunbeds because any exposure to UV-light will kill us. Why? Because of sunlight in general and UV-light more specifically, is the strongest competition to the chemicals made by pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers. “Big Pharma” claims that their chemicals will cure us of cancers and diseases. “Big Cosmetics” claims that their chemicals will protect us from harmful exposure to UV-rays. Together they use their enormous influence over media, education, institutions, and politicians to market their products and to “kill” their worst competition, sunlight. From the start of their campaign against sunlight, at the beginning of the 1980's, we were told that the sun had become more dangerous because of a “thinning ozone layer”.
NASA: Ozone 1979-2013
The campaign was backed up by a sudden increase in detected skin-cancers in Australia. It was all lies and fake. “Black” marketing to discredit a competitor. The “hole” in the ozone-layer turned out to be natural fluctuations, occurring mainly over the South Pole, some 2000 km from the southern tip of Australia. Over more inhabited parts of the earth, closer to the equator, the ozone-layer was getting thicker, not thinner. The sudden increase in detected skin-cancers was a result of campaigns for increased scanning and doctors being careful not to disregard anything that could be a malignant tumour. The few doctors who saw through the fraud were silenced, ridiculed, and risked their professional careers. The “successful” campaign in Australia was then implemented all over the world and, by now, a whole generation has grown up falsely believing that sunlight is something dangerous. The campaign has also created millions of “skin cancer survivors”, most of them honestly believing that the expensive treatments they got after the discovery of a potential malicious skin-defect have saved their lives.

Statistics give, however, the real and objective picture.

New cases and deaths for 36 cancers
New cases and deaths for 36 cancers
Here is a quote from the “Global Cancer Statistics 2018: GLOBOCAN Estimates of Incidence and Mortality Worldwide for 36 Cancers in 185 Countries”, issued in April 2019.
Cancer incidence and mortality are rapidly growing worldwide. The reasons are complex but reflect both aging and growth of the population, as well as changes in the prevalence and distribution of the main risk factors for cancer, several of which are associated with socioeconomic development.
No, the reasons are NOT complex, but simply because that we for 40 years have been told to shun the sun. The huge, and growing, difference between the incidence and mortality of different cancers, as illustrated in the graph above, can be (and is) interpreted in different ways.
  1. The PR-people of the pharmaceutical companies see the proof of success and claim that the focus on “early detection” and finding “markers” for possible cancer threats, and early treatment (with their expensive medicines) prolong life (“survival rate”).
  2. Cancer survivors (and the organisations herding them) believe that early detection and treatment save them from premature death.
It would be well and wonderful if those two groups, who often use each other for citations, were right. Unfortunately, all those efforts to “stop cancer” with chemicals from Big Pharma, do not reduce the mortality.
  1. The owners of pharmaceutical companies and their beneficiaries see the difference as their growing profit.
  2. The economists, officials, and politicians in public health-care services see huge and increasing public costs (either tax- or insurance-) but trust the first three groups to convince them about its necessity.
The rapidly increasing number of “Nonmelanoma of skin” cancers demonstrates the result from the shun-the-sun campaign, and the success for its instigator, Nestlé (Skin-Health), conceived in 1981, who produces medicines for skin disorders.
Nestle Skin Health Brands
Brands from Nestlé Skin Health – most of them against skin problems that used to be successfully treated by exposure to sunlight.
Einstein definition of “Insanity”
A wise man (Albert Einstein) is often quoted to have said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Now, seeing the alarming cancer statistics and knowing that we a long time ago started covering us with sun-protection and stopped using sunbeds, the question must be asked: “Are we insane?” Can Russia, with its long tradition of understanding the healing powers of sunlight and with a leadership still not fully under the control of global corporations, help us return to the healthy habit of Embracing the Sun?
Kindergarten in Murmansk Russia UV light Vitamin D

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