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Healthy Sun-Exposure Gives You All The Benefits From Tanning

10 tips of how you can benefit from healthy sun-exposure and reduce the risk for overexposure.

healthy sun-exposure for optimal tanning benefits Sometimes, but very rarely, I stumble over an article that is actually giving relevant and good advice about tanning. Most of the information you normally find online about tanning are either direct propaganda from the anti-tanning lobby or written by authors that are misled by the mainstream fear-based view on sun-exposure. Recently Carisa Holmes landed on my white-list of bloggers thanks to her guest post “Healthy Sun Exposure: 10 Tips on How to Reap the Benefits Without the Burn” at Her post is one that I almost wished I had written myself. Now it will save some of my time giving you a summary of it here. The post about Healthy Sun-exposure starts by emphasizing the benefits of sun-exposureas well as stating the facts about excessive exposure:
Excessive UV exposure can cause premature aging of the skin, marked by wrinkling, sagging, age spots and a sallow complexion. Skin cancer can also be triggered by overexposure, and basal and squamous cell carcinomas affect millions of people each year in the US alone. Melanoma, though less common and not typically caused by overexposure to UV light, can be one of the most lethal.
The meat of the article comes in the 10 tips about healthy sun-exposure. And, by the way, the tips are not only for sun-exposure but also for UV-exposure in tanning beds. Below this 2-minutes video describing each one of the 10 tips for healthy tanning, you will find my comments and recommendations below each tip:

1. Eat Green Vegetables

If spinach is not your favorite , here is a good supplement alternative: Amazing Grass All Natural Drink Powder, Green Superfood, 8.5-Ounce Container

2. Get the Right Balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6

This is definitely one of the most important tips. A regular intake of the polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 are good not only for healthy sun-exposure, but also for general well-being. Here is a link to a great description of fatty-acids:

3. Eat Lemon and Orange Peel

Be sure to get your peels from fruit grown organically. Here is a great way to combine this tip and the next one in one tasty and healthy drink: Davidson's Tea Bulk, Green Chai with Orange Peel, 16-Ounce Bag

4. Drink 2 to 6 Cups of Green Tea a Day

Here is another variant of green tea with added lemon and ginseng, both valuable add-ons for energizing your skin: Davidson's Tea Bulk, Green with Lemon Ginseng, 16-Ounce Bag

5. Get vitamin C and E from Fresh Raw Vegetables

A wonderful way to add fresh raw vegetables to your diet is through juicing. I use and highly recommend this first class juicer: Omega J8005 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer, Chrome and Black

6. Use Lotions with Vitamin C and Coconut oil

You can add vitamins and other anti-oxidants to your diet and you can also supply them via your skin (as in the next tip). It takes about 30 seconds for the vitamins in a lotion to penetrate the skin and start to circulate in your body. This is definitely a very good reason to choose high quality tanning lotions.

Topical use of ascorbyl palmitate, a fat soluble form of vitamin C, deeply penetrates the skin without causing irritation and deliver anti-aging effects where it’s needed most.

Coconut Oil is one of nature’s best skincare products. It helps to balance the skin’s pH and also act as a natural SPF.

7. Avoid Evil Sunscreens

Many sunscreen products may actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer because they contain vitamin A and its derivatives, retinol and retinyl palmitate. Other ingredients commonly found in sunscreen, such as oxybenzone, are also harmful and can become even more dangerous when exposed to UV light

8. Astaxanthin is a powerful ‘internal sunscreen'.

Astaxanthin is one of my favorite supplements and if I should stick to only two kinds of supplements, I would stay with Astaxanthin and Omega 3 and 6. Here is an excellent product that gives you both Astaxanthin and Omega 3: NKO Neptune Krill Oil Gold, 500mg, 60 Softgels (100% Pure NKO Neptune Krill Oil with Astaxanthin) #1 in Omega 3 Krill Oil Supplements

9. UVA, stay away, 10 to 3 for UVBWhen can you get UVB from the sun in Washington

This tip is probably the most essential in the list. For many years the sun-protection industry (and most dermatologists) has misled us into a belief that UVB is more dangerous than UVA. Their recommendations to “avoid the midday sun” and “re-apply SPF every two hours” are now proved to be blatantly wrong. Your body needs a balanced exposure to both UVA and UVB and the UVB component is important because it gives us vitamin-D as well as builds more melanin in the skin.

If you are using a tanning bed, be sure to find out how much UVB it will give you!

10. Don’t Wash Away the D3!

This is actually a tip originally from To be honest, I don’t know if it is true or not. However, I noticed that, in spite of everyday sun-exposure (during “UVB-time”) summertime and during vacations in sunny places, my vitamin D level reach a plateau at around 75 ng/ml (approx 188 nmol/l). Maybe it is because I shower too often?

  So there you have it – 10 useful tips for healthy sun-exposure. Do you have any other healthy tanning tips to share? Do it in the comments below. And don't forget to share this post with your friends! Here is a link to the original article at

56 thoughts on “Healthy Sun-Exposure Gives You All The Benefits From Tanning”

  1. Omega comes in the lime light here. You have come-up with an excellent post which is quite informative as well. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for one marvelous posting! I enjoyed reading it; you are a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and may come back someday. I want to encourage that you continue your great posts.

  3. Sunscreen is one of the essential thing you should always have with you. There may be some places where your body get direct contact with UV rays.
    BTW Great post.

  4. Amy Schneider

    I have known this benefit since before when I was in grade school, our teacher used to explain to us how important the sun exposure is. This article is very precise and informative, I have then wanted to thank my teachers for having us more sunlight every morning.

  5. Dr Luisredondo

    Thanks for sharing such a beneficial tips about healthy sun-exposure. I would like follow this all tips that will help me to reduce the tanning……………………

  6. Lakshaya Baliyan

    It’s good to be under the Sun for Tanning a bit, but better not Burn yourself. Sun has some benefits and some ill effects on everyone’s body. So, I recommend you to take good care of yourself and not be greedy for the Tan. Have a good Beach Day!

  7. Yes i agree a high quality tanning lotion is a must for the best experience. That 30 sec delay it not good

  8. Really great info, didn’t know all the benefits from the sun, mostly recent information are opposite that the sun is not healthy. Thank you for this great information.

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  11. Thank you for these tips. I especially like the idea of eating green vegetables. I’m researching that along with the health benefits of drinking a lot of water daily. I would be glad if you can point me to a research or a detailed post that outlined the benefits of these two and how it can be planned for a healthier skin. Thanks.

  12. It was really a great post. It was very enjoyable and learning. Your presentation skill is noteworthy. I hope people will be benefited from thit.

  13. Great stuff shared by you…. All tips are really trustworthy and useful to reduce the risk for overexposure. Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. The sunshine vitamin may protect against a host of diseases, including osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancers of the breast, prostate, and colon. What’s more, sunlight has other hidden benefits—like protecting against depression, insomnia, and an overactive immune system

  15. Micheal S. Oneal

    coconut oil also produces Vitamin D when the sun shines on it which is an essential vitamin for skin growth, repair, and metabolism. Great Blog.

  16. I really like the article! Thanks for sharing it. There are so many benefits I was unaware of. Thank you for sharing.

  17. great post. Sun bathing is a common way to enjoy the summer season, resulting in tanned skin, and increased absorption of vitamin D.

  18. Yes you are right, we get from sun during exercise, during any physical activity too.

  19. Thanks for sharing Healthy Sun-Exposure Benefits. Very informative information. Keep it up.

  20. This are some great tips you have shared here! Also, making small changes to your everyday life can also improve your overall health conditions & they are as follows-
    1.Brisk walking is the best exercise
    2.STOP having sugar in tea, coffee, yogurt etc. Sugar is worst than cocaine
    3.Cut carbs from your diet.
    4.Eat foods rich in fiber, especially viscous fiber.
    5.Drink lots of water every day.
    6.Track your foods and figure out exactly what and how much you are eating.

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  24. With more and more jobs online, leaving people stuck inside, people need to remember to get outside and get some sunshine!

  25. vegetables, fruit & water. It is this careful balance of food and nutritional support that make it possible to lose 10-15 kgs a month safely.

  26. Md Saiful Islam

    This post contains a lot of information and I have learnt some idea about the benefits from tanning and among these some are new to me. As we are the dwellers of the tropical region, we should follow these instruction and try to take the healthy sun expose. Thanks for the sharing.

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  32. Thanks for this post. and the sunlight also seems to affect health in a lot of other ways, both positively and negatively.

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    It’s very helpful post. It’s always good to learn something new. thanks for sharing this articles.

  34. What do you suggest for people who live in countries where the sun appears for a short time of period.

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