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Tanning blogs – how to find the best.

[UPDATED] I don't know how I managed to miss one of the absolute best blogs about tanning. Anyhow here is an update to the post about tanning blogs which now includes The author of is Joe Shuster, one of the real veterans and educators within the indoor tanning industry. On his blog, Jow has collected all the wisdom about tanning (both indoors in tanning beds as well as outdoors) collected during his long time experience. The post about Tanning Myths Busted is an interesting read. Do not mix up Joe Shuster with another promoter of sunshine , Sam Shuster. Sam Shuster is the dermatologist who has written several revealing articles and studies about healthy tanning. This one in the Guardian, for example, is a must read for any health tanner. [END UPDATE] If you are interested in tanning and want to search the Internet for tanning blogs, you are in for a hard time. And most of those you will find are news-, fashion-, beauty-, or health- blogs, occasionally reporting on a tanning-related event. Most of the tanning blogs showing up in a Google (or Bing or Yahoo or whatever is your favourite search engine) are about spray tanning. Unfortunately, and forgetting that the result from the spray tan depends how much natural melanin you have in your skin, many of those spray tan blogs use the perceived fear of UV-light as an argument for their services.

Anyhow, here (after the video below) is a review of some of the most popular tanning blogs online

[trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video] The SmartTan organization (publisher of the SmartTan magazine) is well known by people interested in tanning. BothSmart Tan News - tanning blog

wearesunshine - tanning blogand

are maintained by the Smart-Tan and contain a lot of useful information both for tanning salon professionals (paid membership) and for the public visitor. is frequently updated with the latest information about tanning.

Is another tanning blog from the SmartTan organization. A little bit like my own “” it discloses in an informative way the commercial interests that drives dermatologists to be fierce opponents to the indoor tanning (if it is not taking place in a dermatologist's practice). - tanning blog

Dr. Marc Sorenson's blog at the Sunlight Institute is probably the most serious blog about tanning on the Internet. The information is top-class and well founded on real research. A pleasant contrast to the anti-sunlight propaganda from research supporting the melanoma marketing. The mission of the Sunlight Institute is fourfold: • Enlighten the public on the benefits of sunlight. • Expose those who promote academic omissions about UV light, the financial motivations of those who block the right message and the real costs of sunlight deprivation to society. • Advocate for the sun and consumer health through public outreach, letters to lawmakers, and requests for additional vital research on vitamin D. • Unite our communities to “spread the sunshine” and the truth about the critical health benefits of sunlight, and celebrate those who at the forefront of the fight.

islandtansalonandspa - tanning blog

This is a surprisingly insightful blog, maintained by a local tanning operator. Island Tan is a full service tanning salon and spa in Fullerton and Laguna Niguel, California.

Even if this is a site set up mainly for income from Google Adsense, its few posts give some good and quite correct information about tanning. The domain-name is a little bit misleading and obviously there just to rank high for the search term “white spot tanning”.

A collection of useless articles obviously with the only purpose to collect visitors for Adsense clicks.

Another 100% commercialized tanning blog – A blog on terrible looking tans is one of the three first results showing up in Google when searching for tanning blogs (which says a lot about Google’s ways to judge what is relevant for a search term). This is just a collection from Kyle Tromblee with (sometimes funny but mostly sad) images of people with bad tans. Might be helpful for compulsive tanners to “tone down”. - tanning blog has just got an overhaul (probably by new owners) with a new look and new content. From having been an attempt attract advertisers to a directory of tanning salons, it is now a billboard for all kinds of tanning-related advertizements and Google Adsense. contains many articles seemingly picked up from article directories The have many words but mostly without any real useful content. If you are a total novice to tanning, you might find it interesting. But please be aware that most of the articles in are influenced by the mainstream anti-tanning propaganda and therefore plainly wrong.

A blog set up with some spun articles just to support with some links. Nothing very educational or innovative going on here.

Unfortunately, this blog part of the most popular forum for tanning business owners, TanTalk, has been hijacked by spammers and leaves a very bad impression of the Tantalk forum for any visitor who happens to land on their blog pages. I really hope they can clean this up a s a p.

extreme tan and smoothies - tanning blog

Extreme John, the owner of this blog (and also the owner of six tanning-salons in Florida) has appointed his own blog as the best on the Internet. For sure this is one of the most frequently updated blogs, and an excellent source for anyone interested in concrete tips about indoor tanning. It also has one of the most good-looking webmasters in Cyberspace. Anyone who is looking for a little bit more detailed  information about why things in tanning are like they are, will not gain much knowledge from visiting -  blog and forum about tanning is a new blog/forum set up by Ryan, a responsible tanning enthusiast. This is how Ryan describes what TanLuv is: “TanLuv is a social network where people with a passion for tanning and the sun meet.  The site allows for the exchange of ideas, opinions on tanning and recommendations on safe tanning practices and products.  Come post in TanLuv's forums, write a blog or just update others on your daily tanning-related news.  Whether you are a veteran tanner or a complete newbie, TanLuv is a place to share, learn and have fun!”   Finally, no list of blogs about tanning would be complete without my own contributions to tanning in cyberspace …

and - blog about tan-scare

The Tanning Blog is dedicated to give information about how to tan healthy. It is (mainly) based on my own experiences as a dedicated health tanner. It contains a lot about how to use UV-light (from the sun or from a tanning bed) as the best and most natural source of vitamin-D. is a blog (with a forum) focused on disclosing the real forces (and companies) behind the sun-scare and the “melanoma marketing”. To have a natural relationship to UV-exposure is probably the one most important factor for our health and well-being. Unfortunately to be healthy and fit through sun-exposure is too low cost to have any strong commercial promoters. There is much more money to be made on your fear of sunlight. That is why blogs spreading the real truth about tanning and UV-exposure fulfill a very important role when offering a balanced view on how we should relate to the life-giving sunlight. Did I miss your blog? Do you know any blog that should be included in the list of tanning blogs? Blogs about tanning in other languages? Write in the comments below! And don't forget to use the social buttons to spread the word about this post about tanning blogs.
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8 thoughts on “Tanning Blogs”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Goran!

    Your site is terrific. I’ve added a link from the main page of mine.

    Good luck!

  2. Great blog! Have you checked out Sun Tan City’s blog? That’s a great one, too!

  3. Hi Ali, for sure that is a beautiful blog! (at least for those who didn’t get tired waiting for all the flash to load). I also like your mobile version that even links to a non-flash variant of your main site. You seem to have (or to be) a good webmaster!
    However, to be little bit critical to the information (from a health-tanners perspective), not to mention anything about UVB-% in the different beds, makes it somewhat difficult for “vitamin D tanners” to select their program. But hopefully the staff can advice if a client like me would drop in or call.
    Take care!

  4. Thanks for the gise
    it is now a billboard for all kinds of tanning-related advertizements and Google Adsense

  5. Позавчера просматривал содержимое инета, неожиданно к своему удивлению открыл отличный вебсайт. Вот посмотрите: как выбрать бассейн . Для меня этот ресурс оказался весьма оригинальным. Всего доброго!

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