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In Chapter One, the authors of “Embrace The Sun,” Drs. Marc B. Sorenson and William B. Grant, disprove the thesis that sun exposure causes the deadly skin cancer melanoma.

Embrace The Sun - Chapter 1
Embrace The Sun – Chapter 1
They do it by answering five essential questions about melanoma. The scientifically and statistically proven answers pulverize any argument in defense of the medical myth that sun exposure causes melanoma. Unfortunately, this myth has grown such strong roots in academic, scientific, health-administrative and mass media environments that it is very hard to uproot, even if it demands a super-high level of “double-think” (Orwell “1984”) to defend. The five questions, to which the answers will reveal the fraudulence of the melanoma scare, are:

Question 1. Has sun exposure increased as melanoma has increased? Question 2. Do outdoor workers have higher incidences of melanoma than indoor workers? Question 3. Do many melanomas occur on areas of the body that receive the greatest sun exposure? Question 4. Is there a co-morbidity of melanoma with common skin cancers, some of which are known to be associated with high sun exposure? Question 5. Has an increase in sunscreen use resulted in a decrease in melanoma?

As I’m sure you understand, the answer to all five questions is a resounding NO. To question 5 could also be added the generally decreased sun exposure due to the sun-scare campaigns. Plus the fact that the amount of people visiting sunbeds has reduced by at least 50% during the last 20 years. When you read all the scientific proof that Marc and Bill have gathered in “Embrace the Sun,” Chapter 1, you’ll wonder from where the myth about sun exposure and melanoma comes. The answer to that question is simple; sunshine is the biggest competitor to the chemicals made by BIG PHARMA who, in liaison with the food and cosmetic industry, control medical education, health authorities and, by their advertising budgets, the media. Just look at the commercials on TV and in glossy media and see how much of it is from companies in the Nestlé and L’Oréal groups.

Four more proven statements about sun exposure and melanoma

The authors make four more statements, related to the five answered questions. Those four statements are drawn from the proven conclusions made by answering the five initial questions.
  1. Is it possible that the reported increase of melanoma is partially due to excessive diagnosis of benign non-melanoma lesions?
  2. The idea that regular sun exposure leads to melanoma is counterintuitive considering the available scientific data.
  3. These facts [i.e., the facts presented earlier in Chapter 1 as answers to the initial five questions] should be presented to everyone who defames the sun as a carcinogen (causes cancer) for melanoma.
  4. Along with the decrease in sun exposure, 25(OH)D levels have also decreased profoundly

The most memorable quote from Chapter One of “Embrace the Sun.”


My additional comments to Chapter 1 of “Embrace the Sun”

I started this blog in 2008 to promote sun exposure in general and, since so many of us are living where access to natural sunlight is limited, more specifically, the use of sunbeds. But while researching online for benefits of sun exposure, the negative result that came back, i.e., articles with warnings for sun exposure and promotions for sunscreen and sun avoidance, was overwhelming. Belonging to a generation which, during childhood, were encouraged by parents, teachers, doctors, and health-authorities to “don’t sit inside, go out and play in the sun,” I found those warnings of sun exposure quite strange. Not having any medical education (or, rather, indoctrination), I approached the search for why sunlight, in less than 50 years, had gone from being the source of life on earth to a bringer of death, with an open mind and from a marketing and PR perspective. Revealing the commercial interests behind the “sun-scare” campaign, thus became a theme of The Tanning Blog. That’s why you can find many articles on this blog relating to the findings in Chapter One of “Embrace the Sun” by Marc Sorenson and Bill Grant. Here are three of the most read articles about how commercial interests benefit from scaring us with the false assumption that sun exposure causes melanoma … Revenue from “Melanoma-Marketing” Predicted to Reach 5 Billion by 2015 The most successful “black marketing” campaign in the world? New Report: 90 Percent Of All Melanoma Cases Might Not Be Real

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