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Today, April 1, 2019, President Trump signed an Executive Order making “Embrace the Sun” obligatory for medical students to study and follow.

As always. President Trump announced his decision to the World with a tweet …

Trump: "Embrace the Sun!"

The Tanning Guru's comment

Unexpected, but about time sunshine gets the credit it deserves as the best prophylactic against and cure for most of our medical conditions. And “Embrace the Sun” by Marc Sorenson and William Grant, is THE encyclopedia for learning the benefits of sunlight.

2 thoughts on “No More #FAKENEWS About Sun Exposure. The President Signs Order”

  1. Karen Harrison

    Thank you for this, good one Mr. Trump!…Thank you so much for your amazing, genius website, I love it! And I’m so glad its available for all to see!..if you had to pick between using a 0.3 tanning bed with collagen tubes or a 2.8% uvb/uva with no collagen tubes which would it be?

  2. Hi Karen, sorry for my bad attention. I would say each one once a week (each). Time of exposure depending on your skin-type.

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