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The most important part of "Embrace the Sun". When you understand who are behind the attack on Sunshine, you will also understand why sunshine was degraded from our number one source of health and life to a perception as a major source of illness and death.

Embrace the Sun – Appendix 5: The Assault on the Sun: Dishonesty, Duplicity and Dollars

This is the most important part of “Embrace the Sun”. When you understand who are behind the attack on Sunshine, you will also understand why sunshine was degraded from our number one source of health and life to a perception as a major source of illness and death.
Embrace the Sun Appendix 5
Embrace the Sun Appendix 5
Attacking the sun makes billions, and there is a war going on. The combatants are the Sun vs. the Powers of Darkness. The authors of “Embrace the Sun” identifies the duplicity (or, let’s just call it for its real name, “corruption’) of the Dermatology industry as the main combatant in the war against sunlight. They especially point out the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD); the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Skin Cancer Foundation (SCF) as receivers of funding from manufacturers of sunscreen. Everything in “Embrace the Sun” is debunking the anti-sun exposure statements and recommendations from those organizations. Three statements, classified by the Skin Cancer Foundation as “myths,” are especially scrutinized and, at least two of them, again firmly confirmed by research and statistics:
  1. UVB radiation is a good source of vitamin D.
  2. Sun exposure is the only source of vitamin D.*)
  3. Sunbeds are a healthy option for boosting 25(OH)D levels.
*) Nobody in defense of sunlight for vitamin D has ever made such a statement. However, the sun is certainly by far the best source of vitamin D. To be fair, Sorenson and Grant also give an example of that the hardcore stance against sunlight is weakening also among the beneficiaries of funding from sunscreen manufacturers. Cancer Research UK issued in 2012 (together with some other health organizations in the UK, a consensus statement acknowledging some health benefits from sun exposure. The consensus document is, however, scrubbed from the Internet and its referral link leads back to a page where the same old, and useless, recommendations about how to “enjoy the sun safely,” are repeated. Other referrals to this, mystically disappeared, consensus statement, do, however, still exist online. For example in a consensus statement from the Ministry of Health and others in New Zealand, which is probably the closest we can get to an official affirmative statement on sun-exposure for vitamin D. In Appendix 5 of “Embrace the Sun,” Sorenson and Grant identify sunscreen producers as the main force and beneficiary behind the “Powers of Darkness” vs. the Sun. In 1972, just before the sun-avoidance campaign kicked-off in Australia, people in the USA bought sunscreen for $33 million. In 2013, the global market for sun protection cosmetics was $5.6 billion. The authors, therefore, have a good monetary reason to point at the cosmetics industry as one of the “Powers of Darkness” combatants in the war against the Sun. Logically, the combination of sun-protection and sun-avoidance should lead to less and less skin cancer. As you will see more in detail in Chapter 1 of “ Embrace the Sun,” this is, however, not the case.

Are there more powerful beneficiaries than “Big Cosmetics” among the “Powers of Darkness”?

Have Sorenson and Grant penetrated deep enough into the ranks of the combatants on the “Dark Side”?
Probably not, because there is a much greater war-booty in play, which makes the billions in profit from peddling sunscreen pale (excuse the pun) in comparison. More than five years ago, I downgraded the “Big Cosmetics” track to a side-track (but still very profitable) in the war against the Sun. In the update towards the bottom of my article about the Sunbed Ban in Australia, I describe the events leading up to the revelation of the real Powers of Darkness as being the “Big Pharma.” and what the defenders of the Sun are up against. In the article about “Sunshine, Russia and the Bilderberg Group,” I explain why the creation of Nestlé Skin Care is the ultimate proof of that the profits from pharmaceutics and cancer treatments are more valuable than the profit from cosmetics for the Powers of Darkness. All products by Nestlé Skin Care, former Galderma, are geared towards maladies traditionally treated by sunlight, or to care for all the millions of new “victims of skin cancer,” created every year by the early detection campaigns. When I revealed the connections between monopoly seeking interests of large corporations and research-, media- and regulatory- actions against sunlight, many called me a conspiracy theorist. Since then, more and more are waking up to the fact that mega-corporations want to govern the world and that their profits, wealth and control of money creation, allow them to buy anyone and anything they want. Everyone involved in business knows that monopoly is the ultimate goal of any corporation. Monopoly means to get rid of the competition. Sunlight and sunbeds are the main competition to corporate-driven health care. If anyone still has any doubts, I recommend you to read this book: “When Corporations Rule the World,” by David C. Corten.

When Corporations Rule The World by David Korten

When you read the next installments in my series of review-post of “Embrace the Sun,” please keep in the back of your head how the Powers of Darkness manipulate your attitude towards sunlight with the help of their unlimited resources and power over research, education, media, and regulators. If you still haven’t bought “Embrace the Sun” by Marc B. Sorenson and William B. Grant, I sincerely recommend you to do so a s a p!

Embrace the Sun


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