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Compressed sunlight in a bottle. It sounds like science fiction but soon it will be possible to bring the equatorial sunlight to any part of the world.

The old water-tower in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia, will be lined with mirrors for compressing sunlight into tubes in an underground factory.

A new and revolutionary invention by a small company in Iceland will make it possible to collect, compress and store sunlight on tubes similar to the UV-tanning lamps which exists today.

Stylaug Sólarljós, the inventor and founder of the company “Sólarljós og Synir”, explains her invention:

“We trap sunshine with a gigantic funnel lined with mirrors. The shape of the funnel compresses the sunlight more than 1 million times. The compressed sunlight is stored in tubes lined with an electronically controlled coating.”

The technique already works in the laboratory. The next step will be to make a full-scale test installation in a country with plenty of sunshine. Investors wanting to finance the project are already queuing up.

bottled sunlight switch
bottled sunlight switch

“The tube with the compressed sunlight will look just like an ordinary tanning-lamp”, explains Járnskeggi Sútun, the engineer behind the sunshine lamp. “The output can be set by the user to any desired strength of sunlight. You can select sunlight as on a beach in the Caribbean or like during a summer day in Reykjavik”.

The compressed and bottled sunlight will last for about 500 hours at maximum output and for twice that much at the weakest setting.

The inventors also already give a hint about the further development of the bottled sunlight-tube. In addition to the compressed sunlight, it will also be possible to fill flasks with compressed air, which is collected together with the sunbeams. The air can then be connected to the sunbed and bring not only the sunshine but also clean air to tanners in any part of the world.

The tubes will fit in sunbeds of the same types which are already on the market. Conversion of existing sunbeds will however most likely not be possible due to the special electronics needed for the discharge of the compressed sunrays.

The Tanning Guru comment

My take on this is that such a sunlight-tube, when becoming a reality, will be a success in any market. The tube will contain pure sunshine, taken directly from the natural source. This should eliminate many of the doubts which still exist about today’s tanning-lamps which emits the light-photons through an electrification of a gas-mixture inside a fluorescent lamp. Even if those light-photons have exactly the same characteristics as the photons in natural sunlight, their source is after all man made.

I can also see a huge potential for indoor swimming-pools. Many large tubes with compressed sunlight can create a natural indoor summer-beach environment also on Greenland.

The safety for users must however be guaranteed. Addressing this question, the inventors assure that their technology for sunlight compression will not mean any explosively high pressure inside the tube.

If this invention will work, Stylaug Sólarljós, should be a candidate for the Nobel Prize in medicine.

This review was posted on The Tanning Blog on April 1st 2014. Come back for further updates or subscribe to notification via email when an update on the subject of compressed bottled sunlight or any other news about sunbeds and tanning will be posted. Here is another article posted exactly one year ago: Green light therapy

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9 thoughts on “Bottled Sunlight Soon A Reality”

  1. Is this an April fool joke? If so how disappointing. Meanwhile we have the hybrid sunbed to look forward to. Thanks.

  2. Kimber Scott

    This is incredible when if comes true. Sunlight is more essential to life than some of us realize. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How cool would that be? Soaking up the sun by the pool in the midst of a Canadian winter 😉

  4. It seemed interesting by title but when I started reading it make me uncomfortable. I was unable to get the exact point. I think it can become more interesting just by adding some powerful references. As readers can get detailed information about the history of the topic which will be the great help in understanding the author’s point.

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