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sunlight-the-best-medicineGiven the recent results from Vitamin D research, could it be so that sunlight is the best medicine there is?

What if a “WONDER-DRUG” existed, that would: ! Reduce the risk of getting more than 60 different kinds of diseases among them:
  • Most kind of cancers (inclusive skin-cancers)
  • Heart Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Rickets (low bone-density)
! Be available free during at least 6 months and through safe technology the rest of the year ! Have serious side effects only if:
  • Overdosing or not following the recommendations “on the package”.
  • Taken by individuals with skin-type I or with a large amount (>100) of “liver-spots” on their body.
This “miracle-drug” would also:
  • Make calcification, hardening and stiffening of your blood vessels disappear.
  • Make your immune system work at optimal efficiency, enough to fight off infections like the common cold and seasonal flu-epidemics.
  • Strengthen your teeth
  • Raise your mood
  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Enhance your sex-life
  • Make you loose weight
WOULDN'T EVERYONE WANT TO TAKE SUCH MEDICINE? THE FACT IS THAT THIS “DRUG” EXISTS. IT IS CALLED UVB AND YOU CAN GET IT FROM THE SUN AND FROM LAMPS IN A SOLARIUM. UVB RAYS ON NAKED SKIN IS BY FAR THE BEST AND SAFEST WAY FOR THE BODY TO CREATE VITAMIN-D, THE HORMONE PROVED TO HAVE THE ABILITY TO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE THE RISK FOR, AND EVEN REMEDY, MOST HUMAN DISEASES. Still more than 80% of the world’s population living above the latitude of 40 degree is Vitamin-D deficient most of the year. Why? Because: The discovery of penicillin and other chemically manufactured drugs plus the fanatic fear-driven propaganda against sunlight with the purpose of selling chemical sunscreen lotions, have made us forget the wisdom and knowledge collected by our ancestors since the beginning of humankind, namely that the sun is necessary for all life on Earth, and that Man is no exclusion. In 1903, just a little bit more than 100 years ago, the Nobel-prize for Medicine was awarded to the Danish doctor Niels Finsen for his work with treating tuberculosis with UV-light. Even until the fifties, sunlight was considered as an important medical cure and hospitals were constructed with this in the mind of the architects. However, sunshine is free and when confronted with huge commercial interests, the voices of its few defenders were easily silenced by the manipulating marketing loudspeakers from large, multinational, chemical drug- and sunscreen- companies. The “re-discovery” of the ancient knowledge of UV-light‘s healing power is although gaining more and more momentum, again supported by scientifically obtained proof. What makes UV-exposure the target of intensive witch-hunt by the established cancer-industry? It is simply because regular and moderate exposure to UV-light is their biggest competitor. Unfortunately, politicians in many countries are still leaning on the dubious results from narrow researches of which some could be considered to be scientific fraud (since they are omitting contradictory facts) when they are making legislations that are very counter-productive towards common health. Such legislation and regulations are costing taxpayers billions of dollars in the, often unsuccessful, caring of diseases that could be cured simply by restoring the usage of UV-light where it belongs in medical health-care, either provided free from the sun or from inexpensive and easily available technology (sunbeds). The ignorance (or, even worse, commercial interests) that are “keeping us in the dark” will of course be defeated by common sense supported by proof from recent real scientific medical research. Research that is “sponsored” by the genuine understanding and feeling among the “grassroots” about the need for sunlight for life on Earth. The question is how much more suffering we have to withstand before the ignorance among legislators will be shattered. Is sunlight the best medicine “only” because of that it gives us vitamin D in the way Mother Nature intended it? No, probably not. The Nitric Oxide we get from UVA is only one example of probably many more benefits we can get from sun-exposure. You can join this grass-root-movement in many ways. One is to leave your comments (support or objections) to this post. Another is to inform yourself better not by trusting twisted media reports from flawed research, but by your own investigations and by spreading your findings. Some good places for getting real information are:


There is no doubt about it – sunlight is the best medicine!


35 thoughts on “Is Sunlight The Best Medicine?”

  1. Thanks so much for publishing this post. I found it very informative, as I have never realized that the fact that sunlight is so necessary for us has been purposely “hushed up” to sell sunscreen. I always assumed that the reason the “authorities” push the use of sunscreen was to reduce skin cancer.
    I always knew that vitamin D is important, but did not realize how important it is for preventing and healing diseases.

  2. Antonio Marks

    I really learned a lot from this article. Never thought those things that sunlight can brought to our lives til I read this post though I know that vitamin D is really essential for our health.

  3. I think a lot of people would take it. I have eczema and a part of me think its because I do not get much exposure to natural sunlight on a daily basis. I work in an office building and only spend probably 10 minutes (and probably even less) of sun walking to and from my car. It’s a shame.

  4. Sahil Carepur

    I was aware of the benefits of Sunlight but there is increase in my knowledge after going through your post. You really explained that what is “importance of Sunlight in our life”.The Source of Vitamin D which protects our body from various major diseases like

    Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
    17 varieties of Cancer (including breast, prostate and colon)
    Heart disease
    High blood pressure
    Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
    Autoimmune diseases
    Multiple sclerosis
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Infertility and PMS and many more.

    So I think sunlight is the best medicine.

  5. Essex County NJ headaches

    Always take care of your body. Preventative care is always better and must always be don as soon as you think there is something going on with you or your love ones.

  6. Yes, sunlight is good for vitamin D and also good for getting rid of infant jaundice. That is how we cured our baby’s jaundice.

  7. Great Post! Yes, sunshine is one of our God-given tools for wellness! And it’s free for most of us year-round! Be sure you get enough sunshine today!

  8. What´s that thing of “liver-spots”?. I´m treating Vitamin D deficiency through solar exposure as I don´t tolerate supplements and I have many freckels through my body. I think my skin type is between Type II and III. I don´t want to stop sunbathing because I´m recovering my health.

    I have to say that I used to burn and I was really pale before, but now that I´ve been exposing my skin since the early spring I have tanned for the very first in my life and I can be in the sun for much longer periods without burning. I could not do that before.

    I even bought a lamp to have Vitamin D in winter. I don´t want to avoid using it for having freckels, birthmarks or spot. I don´t know exactly what you´re refering to.

  9. Really the sun light is the best medicine. This is a an amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Rameshwar Dhayal

    You really explained that what is “importance of Sunlight in our life”.The Source of Vitamin D which protects our body from various major diseases.

  11. Rameshwar Dhayal

    I have to say that I used to burn and I was really pale before, but now that I´ve been exposing my skin since the early spring I have tanned for the very first in my life and I can be in the sun for much longer periods without burning.

  12. Anshuman Sharma

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog post, prevention is better than cure, Sunlight helps in preventing the body from many diseases!!!!!!!

  13. yeah, sunlight is the miracle drug and it Reduces the risk of getting different kinds of diseases.Isn’t it wonderful? Thank you for sharing such good information.It is really helpful!

  14. This is Really amazing and Great Website i really like to read this its all about the Facts of great Information.

  15. Hello!
    It is great that you write on benefits of sunlight.
    It really helps a lot of people who are unaware of sunlight’s benefit.

  16. Diana Fernandez

    Wow, never knew the sunlight would be that much useful for our health. Thank you sir, for providing such useful information.

  17. Interesting this article made me very clear. I did not know that she was the source of vitamin D. Big companies even want to have only profits. That’s why a doctor recommended me a lot of sunbathing.

  18. Thanks for the great piece of knowledge you shared with us. I would definatly agree with all tips you gave.

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  23. Thanks for the shearing. Indeed very inspirational. The content is really amazing and beautiful. Hope to get few pieces of content written by her.
    Waiting for the next.

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  25. I have read your article and find it very helpful and interesting. Thanks

  26. I am very interested in and believe in, Ayurveda healing and prophylactics. Have been to India several times for Ayurvedic treatments. Ideal together with light therapy.

  27. Great web page. Lots of useful information listed here. My business is mailing it to several associates ans furthermore discussing inside delightful. And of course, good work!

  28. Mohammad Kadivar

    Great view! Multinational companies are making us fool to sell their products. I completely agree with you. I didn’t know this fact before reading your blog.

  29. Md. Hafiz Ali

    Before reading this article I knew, sunlight provide us vitamin d but now I have got alot of.I am very greatful to share this data.Best of luck.

  30. This is a great read. Thanks ! My grandfather used to say that before we used to get a lot of vitamin d not only from sunlight direct but from the milk. But now since most of the cow farms are in shades the cows are low in vitamin d and that why its not there in the milk too. So all the more things are getting worse. Staying in the sunlight definitely helps but i think in the end a supplement is a must.

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