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The President’s Periodic Physical Exam shows that President Obama has a “mild Vitamin D deficiency”.

According to the President’s Periodic Physical Exam in May 2014, President Obama's level of Vitamin D was 22.9 (ng/ml). A Vitamin D level of below 30 ng/ml is considered as “insufficient” by most standards except by the American Food and Nutrition Board. They believe that 20 ng/ml is enough. Apparently the president's physician, Ronny L. Jackson, do not believe in the recommendations by the Food and Nutrition Board.

[gview file=”” cache=”0″] In the table below, with courtesy of the Vitamin D Council, you can find the guidelines for Vitamin D 25(OH)D levels and also the recommended intake of vitamin D supplements from various organizations:

Vitamin D Levels Compared By The Vitamin D Council

Was the information about President Obama's vitamin D insufficiency censored by the White House?

Initially, several media outlets reported about President Obama's physical exam and especially about the president's vitamin D deficiency.
Obama vitamin D insufficiency  Headlines
Headlines in media about President Obama's Vitamin D deficiency
Some outlets, like, for example, the Huffington Post, later deleted their online postings about President Obama's vitamin D deficiency… Obama-vitamin-D-Huffpost-censored Taking supplements is not the optimal way for President Obama (or for anyone) to correct his vitamin D deficiency. Sun-exposure is a much better alternative. The problem with improving vitamin D from exposure to sunlight is that it is not always possible. Even if Mr. Obama spend much time on the golf course, the time will be too short for any relevant amount of vitamin D to be made by exposing his face and arms to sunlight. It would be much better for the president to get his vitamin D from a sunbed. 15 minutes in a tanning bed with strong UVB lamps would give him 15-20,000 IU. Two weekly session would be enough to bring Obama's vitamin D level up to the 50 ng/ml recommended by the Vitamin D council. The benefits from exposure to UV-light are much more than only vitamin D. UV-exposure also improves the cardiovascular system (through Nitric Oxide) and the light-therapy in a sunbed will improve mood and reduce depression.  (Nobody wants a depressed president!). One of President Obama's fellow Nobel Prize laureate,  Luc Montagnier, even considers the UVB frequency to be the wavelength used by our DNA molecules to heal themselves.

The, almost fanatic, campaign against ANY sun-exposure has by now been raging for more than 30 years.

From start, it looked like a PR-campaign arranged by a large manufacturer of sun-protection cosmetics in order for them to sell more of their products. Later, it became clear that the anti-tanning messages spread by dermatologists and cancer-councils have a much more sinister purpose. Exposure to the invisible UV-photons and also to other photons in the visible spectrum of sunlight, was for generations the most common healing method for most illnesses. However, after the invention of vaccine, antibiotics and other man-made chemical medicines, sunshine became the main competitor to the pharmaceutical manufacturers. The healing powers of sunlight are as strong as they were before the invention of man-made alternatives. But the promotion of sun-fear in their corporate controlled mass media helps the powers behind the “Big Pharma” to secure their monopoly on human healing. That is why sunbeds, with UV-lamps emitting the same UV-photons as in sunlight, have become targets for extinction instead of receiving the Nobel Prize they deserve. The governments in the Australian regions have been pioneers of the sun-fear and recently even managed, without any scientific base whatsoever, to get tanning beds banned. Recently, we see what might a small crack in the “sun-screen” created by Australian dermatologists and cancer organisations. The article below, from, describes how the dose-dependence of UV-exposure in relation to skin-type slowly is returning to the Australian sun-exposure debate. Maybe it is not unrealistic to also see a reverse of the idiotic and counter-productive sunbed ban?

outsideonline-com-news-from-the-field-Sunlight-Getting-Exposure-in-AustraliaNew Skin Protection Guidelines Getting Exposure in Australia

In light of new research, Australian dermatologists are not only challenging the cornerstones of skin protection, but also uncovering interesting dialectics between American and Australian perspectives on race. (41) add Although recent press releases muddle the message, Nautilus Magazine is reporting that Cancer Council Australia has begun advising the country's sunbathers—particularly those in low-light areas such as Sydney and Melbourne—to toss their Ombrelle and fill prescriptions for natural sunshine. Instead of insulating ourselves from light, Australian dermatologists are encouraging us to embrace it—intelligently, of course. Newer sun exposure guidelines from Victoria-based SunSmart adapt to the seasons and, in a sociologically bold move, take skin color and race into account. (87 New Skin Protection Guidelines Getting Exposure in Australia
If President Obama will install a sunbed in the White House in order to MAKE vitamin D instead of TAKE it as supplement, he could also mix the UV-lamps with red-light lamps for a more even skin-tone and smoother skin texture. Here is a link to another useful article about how to use indoor tanning sunbeds for a safe and optimal vitamin D supply. In which way do you fight vitamin D Deficiency? Do you use vitamin D supplements as President Obama, or do you use sunbeds? Answer in the comments below (and don't forget to share)!

8 thoughts on “Obama Lacks Vitamin D – A Sunbed in the White House Would Be Better Than Taking Supplements”

  1. Could be true. Vitamin D is very important and most of us dont get enough of it. Not sure if a tanning bed would be the best option, perhaps he should do more diplomatic meetings in the middle east. There are more reasons to do that anyway.

  2. Topboxing gloves

    Could be true. Vitamin D is very important and most of us dont get enough of it. Not sure if a tanning bed would be the best option, perhaps he should do more diplomatic meetings in the middle east.

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