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Edward Gorham, PhD, talks about how to use the sun or UV light for vitamin D synthesis.This video is an excerpt from a longer video in a series brought to you by UCSD School of Medicine and GrassrootsHealth where experts discuss the latest research on vitamin D. Actually this part is more about how the body build up its own defense towards overexposure to UV-light by creating more melanin. Dr. Gorham also describes how sunscreen lotions blocks both the melanin creation as well as the UV light for vitamin D synthesis.
Seeing the description of how the skin builds up its own UV-protection, think about the outrageously wrong statement in the latest recommendation from WHO, “Sunbeds, tanning and UV exposure”.  There they advice against using cosmetics when tanning in a solarium, because it “may make the skin more photosensitive and therefore decrease the time it takes for the skin to burn”.  This advice has been fully adopted in France where it is not allowed to sell tanning lotions in a tanning salon.
The active tan-enhancing ingredient in most tanning lotions is Tyrosine.  Tyrosine helps, in combination with other active ingredients, to stimulate the natural production of Melanin, the protein that oxidizes to make the skin darker and less sensitive to UV-light.  As you can see in the video, the Melanin also helps to protect the cells in the skin.  So in reality the tanning lotions which WHO refers to as “making the skin more photosensitive”, actually do exactly the opposite.  But they do increase the tan, which is the visual effect of the natural protection.
Instead WHO recommends that we shall use SPF-lotions with chemicals that destroy the delicate balance between our bodies and the sun.  A balance built up during million years of evolution.  The level of ignorance (and/or corruption) is unbelievable!
As described in my previous post “Do you know how to tan?“, I have proved on myself that lotions with SPF (maximum 15) are only needed when you have to be long time in the sun or on sensitive parts with thin skin (mainly face). Enjoy the video which will give you the exact knowledge of how to use UV light for vitamin D synthesis as well as how to build more melanin for your natural protection towards overexposure to sunlight.
Click HERE to watch the full video (43 minutes) about how to use UV light for vitamin d synthesis.

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