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Will France be the next country after Brazil and Australia to ban sunbeds?

The campaign against use of sunbeds is intensifying and entering Europe.

After the horrendous miscarriage of justice with a ban of indoor tanning in Australia (see this article) France seems to be the chosen country to spearhead the banning of sunbeds in Europe.

The French “The Local” reported yesterday about call from the association 60 Million Consumers for France to ban sunbeds.

Here is some of the content of the report in “The Local”:

Could France be the next country to ban sunbeds? – The Local has around 40,000 sunbeds in tanning lounges around the country but could they soon become outlawed?

One of the country's leading consumer rights associations has called for them to be banned due to the health risks. The association 60 Million Consumers called for the nationwide ban after carrying out an investigation into tanning salons, which research shows enhance the chances of developing skin cancer.

The consumer rights group stressed not only the health dangers of artificial UV rays but also the fact that many staff at the salons ignore safety measures.

As part of its investigation 50 “mystery clients” were sent to sun bed lounges in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille and Strasbourg.

“Of the 50 people who were sent, three quarters were accepted into the tanning booths, when they shouldn’t have been,” said the editor of the association’s web site Thomas Laurenceau.

“We are shocked to see how easy it was to enter the booth, even for a pregnant woman. They were met by people who continued to say things that are completely prohibited like: ‘this will prepare your skin for the sunlight,’ which is totally false”.

According to figures from the Institute of Public Health between 500 and 2,000 deaths will be caused by radiation from artificial UV rays in the next 30 years.

Nevertheless tanning centres have become increasingly popular in recent years, with some 40,000 available to the public.

If the French government does take the advice of “60 Million Consumers” then it would follow in the footsteps of Brazil and Australia, which introduced a nationwide ban on sunbeds earlier this year.

Cancer Council Australia welcomed the ban, which it has long pushed for, adding that it would help to reduce rates of skin cancer, which affects two out of three Australians by age 70.

For someone who has been following the campaign against indoor tanning, the report above contains some obvious hints that this is not an isolated campaign driven by consumers.

The reference to Cancer Council in Australia and the outrageously wide and speculative figures from “French Institute for Public Health Surveillance” give away the link to the campaign against UV-exposure which started already in 1981.

I have earlier outlined in several posts that the sun-scare campaign is invented by the the corporations aiming for full-spectrum world dominance of our health-care systems. For them, healing and preventative UV-exposure is a too natural and too cheap competitor to their billion-euro sales of cancer-treatments.

Galderma, a company created by Nestlé and L'Oréal in 1981 (just after the start of the “Slip-Slop-Slap”-campaign in Australia) makes medicines for skin-cancer and other skin-diseases, most of which traditionally have used UV-exposure as the main and very effective treatment.

Last year (2014) Nestlé bought L'Oréal's 50% of Galderma in a deal which valued the company to more than 6 billion Euros. With such a money in play, it is no wonder that Galderma is the sponsor of skin-cancer organisations around the world and that those organisations (like the “Dermatology Foundation” in the USA) are the sponsors of campaigns for early detection of skin-cancer.

The efforts of Big Pharma to cut out any natural competition is not limited only to sun-exposure (even if this is their most efficient and thus most serious competitor).

In a recent article in Global Research (see extract below), Joachim Hagopian disclose the plan to use FDA and WTO to “regulate” (in practice killing) independent suppliers of natural vitamin- and herb- supplements.

Big Pharmas Diabolical Plan to Destroy the Vitamin-Herbal Supplement Industry | Global Research the richest 1% owning more than the rest of us 99%-ers combined on this planet starting next year, its fair and accurate to say we earthlings are living in economic slavery and feudal bondage. With no exaggeration, our world has been hijacked and stolen by a handful of psychopathic rulers bent on destroying us.My last article was how they were killing us with their Big Pharma drugs, keeping us sick, toxically and literally squeezing the life out of us with compromised, weakening immune systems, and dying slow profitable deaths for Big Pharma. My piece only touched on the threat that alternative medicine poses on eating into Big Pharmas monopolizing unprecedented profits.

Speaking of Germany, there is an international organization that is in cahoots with the FDA out to completely eliminate any and all options we have to use natural means of vitamin and herbal supplements for our own health. Enter  Codex Alimentarius Commission as a direct historical offshoot founded in 1962 by a Nazi responsible for concentration camp deaths and furnishing human subjects for Dr. Mengele’s inhumane experimentation. This organization has regulated potency of vitamins limiting international unit strength of vitamin supplements in Europe. It virtually cuts off all supply of vitamin supplements on that continent that are therapeutically beneficial and currently working with the US FDA to do the same here. Tying it into the World Trade Organization as an international regulator, their next anticipated move will be toward “HARMonizing” uniform standards.

There are also plans to impose a lowered standard of vitamin dosage that can be purchased over-the-counter and requiring higher dose levels that are necessary for any medicinal benefit to only be attained through prescription. Big Pharma is closing in on ensuring it gets its cut and as another means for making even more profits. By limiting the minimal international units on every vitamin supplement and thus rendering it completely ineffective and useless, the demonic control over what humans can and cannot ingest in their own bodies for their own well-being is usurping our rights and capacity to live healthy lives. Paul Hellyer in his book The Evil Empire states:

[The Codex Alimentarius Commission] will create a world without borders ruled by a virtual  dictatorship of the world’s most powerful central banks and multinational companies. This world is  an absolute certainty if we all sit on our hands and do nothing.

The next step which can be expected in the anti-sunbed campaign will most likely be an initiative in the European Parliament's  Committee on Environment, Food Safety and Public Health (ENVI).

For the French-speaking readers of this article, here is the link to the original report by “60 Million Consumers”.

Cabines de bronzage : pourquoi il faut les interdire / Articles / Actualits – Le site du magazine 60 millions de Consommateurs les rsultats dtaills de notre enqute dans le numro de fvrier de 60Millions de consommateurs, disponible ds aujourdhui en version numrique et chez votre marchand dejournaux. Sant – 22 janvier 2015 Cabines de bronzage: pourquoi il faut lesinterdire Une nouvelle enqute de 60Millions de consommateurs dmontre que de nombreux professionnels passent sous silence la dangerosit des UV artificiels. Et nappliquent pas les rgles lmentaires de prvention.


12 thoughts on “Consumer Association in France Calling For Ban Of Sunbeds”

  1. Hi,
    Sad to hear that. Although, sunbed has some disadvantages and is harmful to our body but it offers a good tan to your body. So in a way, it seems justified.

  2. Olivia Ruch

    I really like this article. I wish the US would consider banning tanning beds. This really shows how much tanning beds are bad for you! Tanning beds are not good for health in any aspect. I used this article for my research for my project on tanning to show how serious this is. What is your biggest concern about tanning beds?

  3. I believe that tanning beds and the industry needs tighter regulation but it’s unfortunate that it’s being outright banned in some countries. Like anything else, the public should be given information that requires them to make informed decisions. It also seems unfair that things like smoking, which are also proven to cause cancer, are not illegal. It’s a lot easier to believe that the public’s best interests are at heart when everything is equally regulated. I guess the tanning salons need better lobbyists.

  4. Olivia Ruch you either did not read the research or you dont believe it.
    the evidence is overwhelming as to the safe use of sun beds (not over exposure)
    over exposure on sunbeds is the same as over exposure to the natural sun in mid summer.
    there fore a uv light that is controlled as to the time spent, the purity of the radiation, the measurement or calibration of that exposure make it a measurable sun exposure experience.
    that is what you get from a sun bed.
    if you rely on natural sunlight then you cannot possibly know of its calibration at that moment in time, unless you have monitors costing hundreds of dollars.
    AS for the main concern of melanoma if you see Dr Gorhams piece on youtube “skin cancer and sun screen the dilemma” you will see that melanoma is linked to the chemicals in sun screens, and that in fact regular over exposure to a minimal erithermal dose actually increases the bodies natural protection against melanoma, now you either take this on board and do your research or you follow the rest of the sheep in the media and believe what governments and big pharma want you to believe.

  5. Taufik Firmansyah

    Like anything else, the public should be given information that requires them to make informed decisions. I believe that tanning beds and the industry needs tighter regulation but it’s unfortunate that it’s being outright banned in some countries.

  6. this will prepare your skin for the sunlight,’ which is totally false?????

    but they do prepare your skin for the sunlight ..anyone who says otherwise is a complete idiot

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