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Helen asks…

Tanning beds – fact and fiction. I am SO pale, I make fun of other people because they are pale to then find out I am lighter than them!?

I hear they are worse than smoking, but then how are they legal? The people at the tanning salon say its like getting sun without the damage… I really need to get more colour – I wont do spray tans (so don't tell me to do so or you look like you aren't really reading this) because I look gross and orange. Going once a week, once every two weeks or so – is it bad? What are the facts, not just the rumours?

Erica Landing answers:

The tanning bed is an invention well worthy a Nobel prize. Used correctly and sensibly, it will not only give your skin a nice golden tone but also fill up your body with vitamin D. I am sure you have heard about the almost magic health benefits of vitamin D? If not, take a look at this post: Can indoor tanning make you healthy?

The key when using indoor tanning, like with everything else in life, is moderation. Never overdo your tan and follow the advice from the tanning salon staff. They will give you safe advice while taking into account your skin-type and tanning-goals.

The people and organizations that compare the use of tanning beds with smoking all have their own agenda and commercial interests in disgracing tanning salons. As long as you do not burn your skin, there is no research what so ever that has been able to prove any increased risk of skin-cancer from using tanning beds.

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