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Manchester United stars are tanning for Vitamin D

The Sun reports:

MANCHESTER UNITED stars are having regular sunbed sessions at the club's training ground.

But the Red Devils won't be coming out of them with a healthy glow – just plenty of vitamin D.
The club's masseur, GARRY ARMER, said: “The tubes have been altered slightly, so it is purely for vitamin D.”
“The players go in for four or five minutes after training, about three times a week.”
A regular intake of vitamin D helps maintain well-being and fitness – something RYAN GIGGS, a United veteran of more than 850 games, knows all about.
My comment:
Just wonder what they mean with “The tubes have been altered slightly, so it is purely for Vitamin D”?
There are no tubes today, except experimental and for some medical purposes, that are emitting only UVB.
Such tubes would be too difficult to operate safely in a regular tanning bed.
Probably they mean that the tubes used by Manchester United have a higher percentage of UVB (in relation to UVA) than what is normally the case within the European rule (erythemal-weighted irradiance not exceeding 0.3 W/m2).
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2 thoughts on “MANCHESTER UNITED stars have regular sunbed sessions”

  1. What Does Vitamin D Do

    The players in united mancesters all using the high potential vitamin d foods and capsuals

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