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It's no use to deny it – I am devoted to tanning for health and Vitamin D.  Not only to my healthy tanning but mainly to yours.  Therefore I am starting this blog in order to share with you my thoughts about tanning and how you can get the most out of your time in the solarium or under the sun.  For more details about me, see my biography Mostly I will write about Vitamin D and about tanning lotions.  Those subjects have become my specialty since a couple of years back.  I will write about how to tan for Vitamin D and about the ingredients and quality of tanning lotions. This will help every tanner to tan right and how to select the correct  lotion for every tanning purpose. Even if I like to tan and be tanned, I do it mainly because it is a very important part of my overall health-regime. I am no advocate (actually quite the opposite) of deliberate frying yourself in order to be as brown as possible. It will definitely not make you more healthy. It takes only half the time in a solarium in order to get a good dose of vitamin D and build up some melanin for protection towards overexposure and a nice skin-tone, than it takes for you to burn your skin. If you want to be even darker, use a tanning lotion with self-tanning ingredients. I strongly believe that there is a conspiracy and “Black PR” campaign from dermatologists sponsored by large manufacturers of chemical sunscreen lotions going on that try to scare us away from the sun and tanning beds. I am studying this closely and will report my findings here. I will make no secret of my admiration of tanning-lotions from Devoted Creations.  For reasons that you soon will be aware of when you follow this blog, I consider the lotions from Devoted Creations superior to any others, mainly because of that they are based on Aloe-vera (and not on water) plus having several times more active skin-caring ingredients than any other brand.

4 thoughts on “Hello tanners!”

  1. Look forward to hear more from you. There are many things people don’t know about tanning and how it can benefit your overall health. Look forward to your info.

  2. Vitamin D is super important for overall health and well being. I’m looking forward to checking out your research.

  3. As an owner of a tanning salon I am greatly interested in your thoughts and findings. I have numerous clients that tan for Vitamin D, as well as certain skin ailments. I am grateful to see other positive thoughts on tanning instead of all the negative feedback from the government and dermatologists.

  4. Alace Parker

    Vitamin D is very essential for bones, one require vitamin D of certain quantity to overcome rickets.

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