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Describe in the comments how you interpret the statistics in this image.

The numbers behind the graph are the absolute number of people worldwide who were diagnosed for or died from respective cancer.

See below the first graph a newly added picture showing the relationship in percent between deaths and cases add that to your analysis.

cancer cases and deaths 1990-2000-2020 what do you see in this picture


Difference in percent between cancer cases and deaths in 2020
The difference in percent between cancer cases and deaths in 2020


  1. I’m not good at reading these graphs but if I’m understanding this one correctly, it looks like melanoma cases AND deaths have risen since 1990 and 2000. It appears melanoma cases have skyrocketed since then, and melanoma deaths, while not quite as dramatic an increase, have also risen.
    The population has increased quite a bit since ‘90 and ’00 — is that factored into the data? If so, the constant sun avoidance and slathering on sunblock seems to be making things far worse, not better! Sunlight (particularly in the warmer months when I can expose large portions of skin to bright sunlight) has always played a significant role for me in mitigating clinical depression, and my health is just better in general. I’m sure a lot of that is just being able to be outside and connected to nature, but I’ve long been convinced that the UV rays themselves confer some unique benefit. If only our top researchers and medical experts would figure this out!

  2. Thank you, jbt, for your comment. The numbers behind the graph are absolute and not adjusted neither to population or age. Since my point, which you will see later when having gathered some more replies, is the relationship between cases and deaths (incidences and mortality), adjusted figures will show exactly the same, but with more room for manipulation and grossly misrepresented when using the worldwide population for adjustment. You are completely right about the benefits of sun exposure and that’s also why Big Pharma does everything they can to keep as many of us as possible away from it. I’m now adding one more graph to the post showing the totally irrational relationship between cases and deaths for some cancers.

  3. The sun helps me sooooo much with depression, when the suns out, I feel a huge difference, I have far more energy and positivity. Winters are looooong here in the UK so I have a tanning bed for medicinal purposes. I don’t know how big pharma sleeps at night the Devil himself runs this corrupt organization

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