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The Healing Sun – Anyone who still has any doubts about the healing and prevention powers of sunlight (and sunbeds) should read this book.

It will put into a perspective the present fanatic campaign against sunlight-driven by the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer-organizations (strangely enough!) and sponsored by large manufacturers of cosmetics for sun-protection.  It makes you wonder if this organization really is serving us with the best advice on how to live a healthy life. Here is an example of pictures from The Healing Sun: hobday_fig_12

Here is what it says on the backside of “The Healing Sun”:

The human race evolved under the sun, and for thousands of years lived in harmony with its heat and light. Yet over the last fifty years, we have lost this close contact with the sun and its healing powers. We have become afraid of it. However, the sun is central to our well being and health. Did you know that: • designing and building sunlit houses can help prevent disease, make us feel happier and save energy • sunlight can help prevent and heal many common and often fatal diseases like breast cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis • before antibiotics, sunlight was used successfully to speed up the healing of wounds • tanning moderately throughout the year is better than avoiding the sun altogether • sudden bursts of strong solar radiation are unnatural and dangerous, protection needs to be built up slowly • early morning sunlight in cool temperatures is particularly beneficial to the body • sunlit hospital rooms provide a better environment for the treatment of clinically depressed people • prolonged exposure to artificial light puts the body under great stress • large numbers of people may be compromising their health through sunlight deficiency • there is a substantial body of historical and contemporary evidence that suggests moderate sunbathing is far more beneficial than we are currently led to believe The light and heat from the sun are indispensable to all nature. Humanity is also part of nature and needs sunlight for health and well being, for vitality and happiness. This book explains how and why we should welcome sunlight back into our lives — safely! It shows how sunlight was used to prevent and cure diseases in the past, and how it can heal us and help us in the future. the-healing-sun-hobdayRichard Hobday, MSc, PhD is a member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and has studied traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese exercise systems in China. Dr. Hobday has many years experience of solar design in buildings and is a leading authority on the history of sunlight therapy. You can get it from by clicking on the picture to the left or through this link: Healing Sun: Sunshine and Health in the 21st Century Or, if you are in Europe, from through this link Healing Sun: Sunshine and Health in the 21st Century

22 thoughts on “The Healing Sun – Sunlight and Health in the 21st Century by Richard Hobday”

  1. Wizualizacje

    I haven¡¦t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

  2. i agree with that other guy even though it was 8 years ago lol. but yeah this was a great article bud, looking forward to your new ones

  3. Alcohal Treatment

    This blog is very helpful for fighting with this disease.keep helping the people by this

  4. I appreciate you for this great wring, i was wondering over google about sunlight and health in 21st to complete my thesis work, I am Mphil student and i really need it thank you dear

  5. i agree with that other guy even though it was 8 years ago lol. but yeah this was a great article bud, looking forward to your new ones

  6. Lakshaya Baliyan

    I totally agree with the points that you have made in here. And yes Tuberculosis is one thing to really worry about. If you don’t cure it at the right time, it can be fatal enough to kill oneself. Thanks for the information. Shoot me a mail, the next time you write.

  7. This is the most comprehensive list of sunlight benefits I found so far online and many of then very unexpected, especially ho to use it to improve symptoms of many health conditions

  8. Dr. Luis Redondo

    Thanks for sharing such a helpful article!
    I like the stuff which you have shared and found valuable info over there.

  9. I have to admit, these are valid points but try telling that to the rest of the world that the sun is bad for you. Big parmas don’t want us knowing that sunlight is good for us but what you write is very true

  10. Hiiii,
    i think this is great post , it was very helpful
    Thanks for sharing the post..

  11. Hii,
    This blog is very helpful..
    i really enjoyed your article
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  12. There are seven colours of light that can appear around the sun, which is said to be the healing ligh

  13. I think sunlight is good for our body but not too much. Thank you for sharing. I am amazed with this post. Keep posting.

  14. Does anyone know what happened with the boy on these pictures in the long term? Like for example any consequences of sun exposure?

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