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Regular indoor tanners have almost three times more vitamin D than people who do not use sunbeds.

New and sensational statistics from The Grassrootshealth ( demonstrate clearly the benefits of regular use of sunbeds for your level of vitamin D. Their D*action project is an international public health project to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic and it also collects very useful data from the many participants. In the table below, you can see the huge difference in vitamin D levels between regular indoor tanners and others. The data are collected from 1,803 people who had their levels of vitamin D tested through the D*Action project. It should be noted that none was taking any vitamin D supplements. In the regular indoor tanning group, 68% had above 40 ng/ml vitamin D in their blood. This should be compared with 21% for those who never used indoor tanning and 25% for those who used indoor tanning just a few times. My take on why not 100% of the regular indoor tanners had more than 40 ng/ml vitamin D, are either that some didn't use sunbeds regularly enough or used sunbeds high in UVA and low in UVB. In any case, this statistic should be enough to once and for all state that, YES, you will get vitamin D from sunbeds and that regular but moderate (i.e. non-burning) indoor tanning is a good way to keep your vitamin D level high all year round.

Regular Indoor Tanners are high on vitamin D To find a tanning salon which have a special focus (equipment and trained staff) on vitamin D tanning, visit the world's first and only directory of vitamin D tanning salons by clicking HERE


2 thoughts on “Regular Indoor Tanners Are High On Vitamin D”

  1. Karlie Red Net Worth

    This is a great Blog i really like to read this its all about the facts of great information thanks for sharing great Blog.

  2. Vitamin D is very important for bone and muscle. Your information will help us to maintain the right level of Vitamin D in our body. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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