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Will the inventor of tanning lamps get the Nobel Prize

Inventor of the Tanning Lamp Nominated for the Nobel Prize

Breaking news – leaked information from the Nobel Prize Committee – the inventor of the Tanning Lamp is among the nominees for 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The information comes from an anonymous source with inside access to the Nobel Committee in Stockholm. According to the source, a relative to the 1903 winner […]

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The Sunbed Ban in Australia – When SunSmart Gets Stupid

The sunbed ban in Australia makes the SunSmart campaign become stupid. What’s going on down under in the country of Oz? The Aussies are banning sunbeds. Not only age-restrictions but total ban on tanning beds. Only Brazil has until now adopted laws which forbid indoor tanning. The reasons for the sunbed ban in Australia are, […]

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Obama Lacks Vitamin D – A Sunbed in the White House Would Be Better Than Taking Supplements

The President’s Periodic Physical Exam shows that President Obama has a “mild Vitamin D deficiency”. According to the President’s Periodic Physical Exam in May 2014, President Obama’s level of Vitamin D was 22.9 (ng/ml). A Vitamin D level of below 30 ng/ml is considered as “insufficient” by most standards except by the American Food and Nutrition Board. They believe […]

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Bottled Sunlight Soon A Reality

Compressed sunlight in a bottle. It sounds like science fiction but soon it will be possible to bring the equatorial sunlight to any part of the world. A new and revolutionary invention by a small company in Iceland will make it possible to collect, compress and store sunlight on tubes similar to the UV-tanning lamps […]

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The Best From The Tanning Blog 2013

The Best From The Tanning Blog 2013

Get The Best From The Tanning Blog Here! Now you can get, directly through a link in your inbox, a PDF-document with the best from The Tanning Blog 2013. Just fill in your name and email in the form below and click the “YES” button. There is a total of 26 pages in the document. You […]

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Vitamin D Research Info

Vitamin D Research NewsVitamin D Research Info

If you are interested in the latest news from more scientific current vitamin D research information sources you can find a summary of the latest research reports below. The feeds are given with courtesy of Henry Lahore at vitamindwiki.com.

The vitamin D Council is another sources of vitamin D research information to this page.

There is a lot of vitamin D information on this page, and if you scroll past the initial scientific reports, you will find some more popularized current vitamin D research news (but still with the backing of science).

Comments to this page about the current vitamin D research are appreciated.

Maybe you are missing a vitamin D research source or want to add your own feed here?

use of sunbeds can reduce risk of skin cancer

Regular use of sunbeds can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Can you really reduce the risk of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers with the help of sunbeds? It sounds like an idea invented by the indoor tanning industry but is in reality a conclusion possible to draw after a couple of recent studies about sun-exposure and melanoma/non-melanoma skin cancers In a report, “Occupational sun exposure […]

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