IARC Mono 55 burn

WHO: “The 1992 Decision by IARC to Declare Sunlight a Group 1 Carcinogen is Wrong and a Crime Against Humanity”

Today, April 1st, 2021, the Supervisory Board in WHO presented a review of the decision in IARC’s Monograph 55 to classify sunlight as a most dangerous carcinogen. IARC, The International Agency for Research on Cancer, is the specialized cancer research agency of WHO. The review concludes that the decision is based on severe contradictory evidence and environmental fraud.

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How To Tan – Tanning Tips For Suntanning (Updated)

Everything you have heard about when and how to tan is probably wrong and will do more harm than good to your skin.
A carefully cultivated (i.e. UVB-promted) tan is the best protection towards sunburn.
You can use a broad-spectrum sunscreen (maximum SPF 15) for your face (and for your body if you HAVE to be in sunlight long enough to risk getting sunburned.
Otherwise, it is much better to use a high quality indoor tanning lotion based on Aloe-Vera or Coconut milk (but without any immediate or delayed bronzers).

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