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Plus and minus with the ongoing “pandemic”.

One big plus is that more and more people start to wake up and see the contours of a “bigger picture”.

The big minus is that, because of a gigantic cover-up and censoring by mainstream media, too many people still believe the “official narrative”.

The “bigger picture” is that the members of a small tribe who managed to create the US Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor has any reserves) in December 1913 realize that their game is up and now hold the world as hostage while they suck the last cents from the public with a scorched earth battle for survival, or destruction, of the “goose that lays the golden eggs”.

My own journey to awareness

I became aware of that there was a plan for an endgame of “Full Spectrum Dominance” while I was researching the phenomena of “sun-scare” starting in the late 1970-ies.

My “journey of awareness” connecting the sun-scare campaign with that endgame contains several stages.

Initially, I thought that painting sunshine as something deadly that we had to protect us against was a campaign invented by cosmetic companies to sell more of their sun-protection products.

In the second stage of awareness, I realized that the tribal corporation behind the sun-scare campaign also had used it to create a new 10 billion US$ business for themselves.

The many reports on the importance of vitamin D for our health helped me to reach the third stage, the understanding that keeping us away from sunlight had a much more sinister purpose and that the profits made on the way by corporations belonging to the tribe just are the icing of the cake.

Trump the awakener

Most of the American people are by now aware of that the enormous wealth of their country, created with the blood sweat and tears by their forefathers (and -mothers), is used by the tribal elite to build a global empire.

The presidential election campaign of 2016, with Donald Trump’s “Americanism Not Globalism” slogan symbolizing his victory, disrupted the tribe’s plan for global full spectrum dominance and put them in a state of panic now engulfing the whole world.

Panic among the globalists reveals the “man behind the curtain”

The panic among the ruling tribal elite triggered the “war against the virus” that is supposed to scare people into a psychological submission to lay the ground for a physical submission through gene manipulation on a gigantic scale.

This forced strategy is, however, backfiring big time.

The openly blatant censoring by mainstream media and social networks needed to hide the reality, only makes more and more people waking up to that another agenda than protecting our health is in play.

It is now taboo on mainstream channels to question the forced vaccination against a common virus, selected among forty thousand others to be the cause of a “pandemic”.

Medical professionals wake up

This has jolted many medical professionals awake to the fraud and their voices are, of course, much more powerful and influential than the voice of a single marketer without any other platform than this blog.

(Btw, did I mention that Twitter closed @thetanningguru account after this post)

Dr. Lee Merrit is one of those MDs whose interviews don't stay long on YouTube. The extract further below is from an interview by Alex Newman for his channel TheNewAmerican. YouTube took it down as soon as it started to collect views.

Dr Merrit mentions the findings from an Indonesian research about that low levels of Vitamin D was the biggest contributing factor to increased severity and death among Covid-19 victims.

However, like so many others, she believes that increasing our blood-level of 25(OH)D with the help of Vitamin D supplements is enough for prevention because “the sun doesn’t do it”.

Dr Merrit and other MDs who think that increasing our 25(OH) level with supplements can be a substitute for sun-exposure should pay more attention to the manifest by 15 of their colleagues from six countries stating that: “supplementation studies have, in general, not supported vitamin D as causal. This raises the possibility that poor vitamin D status is a proxy for insufficient sun exposure that impacts on health and is, therefore, a biomarker of other mediators.”

Which is analogue to saying that adjusting the fuel-gauge without filling up the tank, will not give you any more milage.

They should also read how their Swedish colleagues explain that “Insufficient Sun Exposure Has Become a Real Public Health Problem” with “sun avoidance a risk factor for death of similar magnitude to smoking” (according to WHO, tobacco smoking kills 8 million people prematurely every year. That is more than one Holocaust, Every. Year.)

The fact that is that exposure to sunlight is the ONLY way to “fill up the tank”, not only for the sake of the Vitamin D “gauge” but also for an undefined range of other health benefits.

The question is now when (or if) we will see more and more MDs (and, hopefully, some health politicians too) to “connect the dots” between …

The “flu-season” ---- UV(B) from sunlight ---- the invention in 1976 of the modern low-pressure fluorescent UV-lamp ---- the start of the campaign against sun exposure in 1979 ---- the classification by IARC in 1992 of classifying sunlight as a Group 1 carcinogen ---- leading to a total block for any research on the potential health effects from full-spectrum indoor lightning (so successfully used for animals and plants) ---- the agenda of the ruling global elite and their national politruks to practice a “mushroom policy” against the public (keep us in the dark and feed us s**t) ---- thus preventing us from exposure to sunlight as a natural prevention against viruses and other illnesses.

When enough “people of influence” start to see the picture emerging when connecting those dots, their first action should be a campaign for reversing the fraudulent classifications by IARC of sunlight and sunbeds as carcinogens.

 Hopefully, it will not be too late for the survival of mankind as we, grown-ups, knew it.

Here is the extract from Alex Newman’s interview with Dr Lee Merrit:


… but the other thing is you can improve your own immune system through supplements … you know big pharma doesn't ever want you to do that, but there's no question … when I was sitting at home kind of getting mad and watching the computer and I kept kicking the screen saying “you know for all the billions of dollars we pay the CDC why do they not drill down on  the people getting really really sick and dying?”

Because if you notice that there's kind of a there was a bimodal distribution, there were people that … walked away from this thing, most people 90 percent of 90 plus percent of people just they never really get sick with this. They get a little sick or they get a flu like thing but they walk away from it. And then there's a very small percentage of people that are in the ICU or dying.

Who are those people?

Well the CDC for all that money never looked at it or they didn't tell us but the Indonesians did and they looked and they found out that it was almost the biggest they looked at a bunch of different things but the biggest biggest thing is what your vitamin D level was.

If it was above 30 [ng/ml] your chance of being in the ICU is less than four percent of high of sick people in the hospital so much less when you're looking at the big population. So biggest thing people can do is get their vitamin D level up and the sun doesn't do it.

Here is the full interview, saved just in case you will not find it anywhere else online. (click and it WILL play)

Here is the link to the research report “Insufficient Sun Exposure Has Become a Real Public Health Problem”:

Here is the link to an article in Medscape about how “Avoiding Sun as Dangerous as Smoking”:

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