Trending Tanning Topics: Lose Weight – Have Heart – Avoid The Sun – False Facts – FS Expo – Kona Goes Paraben-Free

Trending Tanning Topics – weekly round-up of the most popular (in social media) tanning topics last week.

In this weekly round-up of trending tanning topics and vitamin D news from around the world, I am going to cover: Three articles from Daily Mail Online; some anti-UV hysteria by AIM at Melanoma and also a couple of promotions from tanning suppliers.

The Daily Mail Online is an interesting tabloid when it comes to tanning related articles. Without adding any editorial bias or opinion, they present some stories which advocate the benefits of tanning and other stories which totally condemns any attempts to catch some rays.

This week was no exemption. In this first article, a journalist at Daily Mail Online reports about a research which reveals that you can lose weight by tanning.

Researchers from Edinburgh and Southampton universities claim to have identified a chemical, Nitric Oxide, which is released in the blood when the skin is exposed to UV-light (i.e. during tanning).

The benefits of Nitric Oxide for the human cardiovascular is a proven fact from earlier research (see next article below). This new research also shows that Nitric oxide also plays a key role in speeding up the metabolism. At least if you are a rat (rats were used in this research, not humans).

Exposure to UV rays releases chemical which helps metabolism | Daily Mail Online from Edinburgh and Southampton Universities found moderate exposure to UV helps slow the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Researchers say moderate exposure to UV rays help release a key chemical which slows the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Nitric oxide, which is released by the skin after exposure to sunlight, plays a key role in the metabolism, they found. The mice displayed fewer of the warning signs linked to type 2 diabetes, such as abnormal glucose levels and resistance to insulin.

Dr Richard Weller, senior lecturer in dermatology at the University of Edinburgh, said: ‘Studies such as this one are helping us to understand how the sun can be good for us.

‘We need to remember that skin cancer is not the only disease that can kill us and should perhaps balance our advice on sun exposure.’

The researchers said: ‘We need to remember that skin cancer is not the only disease that can kill us and should perhaps balance our advice on sun exposure'

Professor David Ray, of Manchester University, said: ‘This is an important study which shows that lifestyle factors beyond diet can help prevent weight gain, and diabetes.

‘These findings support the idea that a healthy lifestyle should include time outside in the sunshine, not only for exercise, but also to benefit from sunlight on skin.

Dr Colin Michie of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, added: ‘This paper raises critical questions for us humans – are the effects the same in our children and ourselves, and, if so, can they be applied to prevent obesity, treat metabolic syndrome and save vast amounts of pharmacological treatment?’  Via

The next article in Daily Mail Online follows the same theme. But this research is done with people, not rats. Again it is researchers from the University of Edinburgh with the Dermatology Professor Richard Weller as the lead author, who did the research. The risk reduction of  heart attacks and strokes by regular UV-exposure, are the benefits proved in this report. Again, Nitric Oxide, created when your skin is exposed to UVA rays, is the hero.

Richard Weller has done many studies on this topic. We all remember his fantastic TED-presentation about the benefits of regular sun-exposure in Australia, which stirred up a commotion among the tanning hating health authorities in that part of the world.

Want to cut your blood pressure? Sit in the sun: Exposure to rays for just 20 minutes can reduce risk of heart attacks and strokes | Daily Mail Online argue the health benefits of the suns rays outweigh the risks from skin cancer. Edinburgh University researchers found when skin is exposed to sunlight for just 20 minutes, blood vessels release an important chemical called nitric oxide. This acts to lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes or blood clots.

This acts to lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes or blood clots.

Dr Richard Weller, a senior lecturer in dermatology, pointed out that strokes and heart attacks cause many times more deaths than skin cancer.

Dr Weller will present his findings on Friday at the International Investigative Dermatology  conference in Edinburgh. He said: ‘We suspect the benefits to heart health of sunlight will outweigh the risk of skin cancer.’

The scientists argue the health benefits of the sun's rays outweigh the risks from skin cancer Via

The editors at the Daily Mail can't get away with only presenting articles about the benefits of UV-exposure. In the next article, the cancer council of Victoria (one of the most notorious anti-sunshine promoters) describes with horror that not all young Australians yet have abandoned the sun. A cut in half over ten years is not enough according to the cancer council. Probably the National Skin Cancer Action Week in Australia will falsely indoctrinate some more Australians to shun the sun to the detriment of their general health.

It is a sad and very wrong belief that zero UV-exposure will lead to zero skin-cancers. But that is really what most cancer councils are promoting while they totally disregard any positive effects from sun-exposure.

Australian teenagers turn their backs on tanning | Daily Mail Online amount of young Australians suntanning has almost halved in the past ten years, according to new research.

The research, which was released on Monday, coincides with National Skin Cancer Action Week.

‘It's wonderful to see teens understanding that a tan isn't the hallmark of health it was once made out to be,' he said.

‘Skin cancer doesn't have to be an inevitability. Take the recommended sun protection measures and the odds of preventing it are in your favour.' Via

Continuing on the negative mode, AIM at Melanoma, an organization pulling in huge money on skin cancer from their sponsors and donors, presents a fact sheet on indoor tanning. The figures presented are the usual BS. Too many people (in the opinion of AIM at Melanoma) still use indoor tanning. Sunbeds are as strong as, or even stronger, than the real sun (an idiotic statement!) and that tanning beds should not be used for topping up your vitamin D level. All in all, a lot of misleading information, especially since even WHO and IARC admits that the only confirmed way to reduce the risk of melanoma is by regular UV-exposure (“occupational exposure”).

Aim at Melanoma – Indoor Tanning Fact Sheet

More than 1 million people use an indoor tanning salon on an average day in the U.S. (1)

Nearly 28 million individuals use a tanning bed in the U.S. annually. Of these, 2.3 million are teens. (2) (3)

Nearly 70 percent of tanning salon customers are Caucasian girls and women, primarily between the ages of 16 to 29. (4)

Indoor tanning equipment, which includes all artificial light sources, including beds, lamps, bulbs, booths, etc., emits UVA and UVB radiation. The amount of the radiation produced during indoor tanning is similar to the sun, and in some cases, may be stronger. (6) (7)

Indoor tanning beds/lamps should be avoided and should not be used to obtain Vitamin D because UV radiation from indoor tanning is a risk factor for skin cancer. Vitamin D can be obtained by eating a healthy diet and by taking oral supplements.

The FDA estimates that there are about 3,000 hospital emergency room cases a year due to indoor tanning bed and lamp exposure. (17) Via

Among the sponsors of AIM at Melanoma, we find many of the pharmaceutical companies making big money on cancer. Of course they want to get rid of their main competitors for prevention and healing of cancers – sunshine and sunbeds.


Let me finish this weekly tanning round-up with a couple of promotional articles by tanning suppliers.

Four Seasons, the largest tanning supply chain in the USA, is announcing their annual South Eastern Tanning Expo. It will, as usual, take place in Winston-Salem, NC, 23-25 January 2015. In case you plan to be there, be sure to book your hotel in time!

Tanning Expo – Winston-Salem, NC | Four Seasons Annual Southeastern Tanning Expo Winston-Salem, NC January 23-25, 2015

Only $49.95 per person (Early Bird pricing)

Sun Is Life Certification$39.95 / Friday, January 23, 2015 / 8am-12pm




“Generation Y, Your Salon, and Social Media Marketing … 2015 Just Got Interesting”

Download Agenda   Via

Finally in this week's trending tanning topics, we will take a look at the Kona Tanning Company.

If any tanning supplier should get the reward as the most active on social media and in the search engines, it would be the Kona Tanning Company. They are virtually IMPOSSIBLE to avoid even if you would like to try (but why would you?). This week, they announce a new paraben-free lotion in the Gradual Tanner's line. See also their instruction of how to mask a double chin in the image below the article extract.

A lot can be said about spray- and self- tanning lotions. My take is that they are excellent complements (for those who want to be extra dark) but of course not substitutes for UV-tanning.

The Kona Tanning Gradual Tanner Goes PARABEN-FREE! are so pleased to announce that our best-selling Gradual Tanners are now PARABEN-FREE! Learn how to use self-tanner to minimize double chins for a week!

Katie has her own original product line with Kona Tanning Company, and has written two books on how to spray tan, and how to contour in spray tanning. Join thousands of other spray tanners around the world upping their tanning game everyday.

Find out how to win FREE Gradual Tanners by visiting our Instagram page!

Did you know?  The Gradual Tanner can be used to contour double chins!  Click on the image below to get full-sized, step by step instructions on how to elongate your neck, and minimize pesky double chins FOR A WEEK with a single application.

Sunless tanners:  making our beauty routines a little easier everyday.

Katie Quinn is co-founder and CEO of Kona Tanning Company, and 3-Time Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Bronzer! .Katie has her own original product line with Kona Tanning Company, and has written two books on how to spray tan, and how to contour in spray tanning. . Katie has worked with Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Barbara Palvin, and Behati Prinsloo. .Her tanning tips have been featured in VOGUE, Shape, Cosmopolitan, SELF, Lucky, and Women's Health Magazines. . Get My FREE 7 Days to a Supermodel Tan Program! Name Email Join thousands of other spray tanners around the world upping their tanning game everyday. Via

 I hope you liked this weekly round up of the most trending tanning topics. If you did (and even if you didn't) your comments and sharing are always appreciated.



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